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Blood Kiss


Lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

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  1. minikadomi

    This is cherry wine with cloves on a deep resinous background. Very interesting and sexy although a little too sweet for my taste.

  2. Courtney Chamberlin

    Just got this today and i had to RUN to review. Blood Kiss is everything i hoped for and more. When I kept reading reviews about people saying “it smells exactly like a vampire” intrigued def got the best of me because I couldn’t even imagine what that could possibly smell like BUT listennn…it really do lol. Like it’s what I’d imagine a sexy vampire would smell like. I keep sniffing my wrist because I love it so much. Probably one of my most favorite fragrances I currently own. They also included so many samples with my order and it was packaged so well. Can’t wait to buy more!

  3. kiana.lloyd19

    This is such a unique and delightful scent! The clove/incense scent is what hits first but after wearing it on the skin for a little while it mellows into a lush cherry and vanilla medley. It’s like a spicy dark vanilla that lasts all day. I purchased a bottle for both myself and my girlfriend. We’ll definitely be checking out some of their other fragrances!

  4. kaykay4132

    bro- this smells so good, I was hesitant as it came off more vetiver based but it dries down so deliciously. strong and has longevity, can’t wait to buy more ^^

  5. rayomlyxx

    forgot to mention that it’s very long lasting on my skin, i dabbed it on my wrists and even washed my hands a couple times and slept and the scent is still there!!

  6. rayomlyxx

    i was having mixed feelings with how it smells at first in the bottle, you immediately notice the darker muskier tones at first til it dries down into this dark velvety spicy scent that literally smells like a vampire, the sweetness is very subtle & the musk is pretty strong. it truly smells mysterious and sexy

  7. iyus

    I wasn’t sure at first, the smell was really strong and pungent in the imp I bought. However, it turned sweet and warm on my skin after several minutes. The reviews are totally right, it smells much better on the skin once it dries. Lovely, sensual scent.

  8. kamiekirk

    The fragrance description was so interesting, it prompted me to order a sample. It’s so interesting how body chemistry makes a huge difference! Unlike most of the reviews, I liked Blood Kiss in the bottle but when it dried down on my skin, I had to remove it. In the bottle, I really liked the cherry notes with the twinge of “other,” and I loved that it’s a sexy scent that you can’t quite put your finger on. On my skin, it dried down to a powdery musk that I don’t care for. It’s a great scent, my skin just gobbled up everything that wasn’t powdery musk and I’m left smelling like a glam-ma.

  9. Andrea Beres

    It smells completely different on me compared to my bf. At first it’s sweet, woodsy, and spicy on both of us, but once it soaks into my skin, it’s harsh and sharp. But hours later on my bf, he still smells sweet, spicy and lovely.

  10. gizzalove

    This smells so sexy and spicy on my girlfriend, I can’t stop sniffing her when she wears it. Unfortunately for me things pull really floral on my skin. On me, it smells like running through a field of poppies, which isn’t my jam. But it’s a deliciously spicy complex scent on my partner.

  11. Tiffany Castro

    In the Bottle: I mostly smell cherry and a bit of almond or cream.

    On the Skin: At the very beginning it’s a fresh cherry tart. Not cherry cough syrup thankfully. Scent description is darker than what it smells like on my skin initially. Oh, but it transforms. It’s getting much muskier over time. Vanilla sneaks in at the end. It’s definitely a sexy scent. Not a coy, plain-Jane vanilla at all. Vanilla amps towards the end, but it’s so good! An hour or so after, it smells like a fancy rich vanilla cake with a hint of musk. I love it and would buy a full size bottle. ?

  12. Lauren Wilson

    Blood Kiss is one of my absolute FAVORITES. I adore the initial sharp and metallic bite it gives off as I smell it from the bottle-highly reminiscent of blood and dark, ancient things. While wet on my skin, the cherry and red wine notes immediately pop out, and the perfume becomes softer and more refined. However, there is still a deep fruity sweetness to it, along with the underlying feral musk, which ties everything together. As it dries down even more, the vanilla and honey begin to come out, becoming slightly powdery and sweet alongside the poppy. It honestly doesn’t last crazy long on my skin, maybe an hour or so tops. But regardless, this is still one of my all-time favorites and I could not resist getting myself a backup bottle!

  13. twopeople007

    A scent so think I feel like I could drown in it. The honey plays well on my skin, leaving me smelling like, as my friends put it, a sexy beehive. I assure you that this is a compliment. It’s a luscious smell, and the first I’ve loved enough to grab a full bottle of.

  14. Ayana McGlotha

    I absolutely love this scent. From the first smell and beyond. My very first BPAL oil perfume. I can’t wait to order more different scenes. I am in love and I now have a new addiction.

  15. Rory Williams

    I got this scent as a sample imp from a big order I made, and I absolutely hated the way it smelled in the bottle, but recently on a day off I decided to try it on, and my perspective shifted entirely. This scent absolutely SLAPS. It smells like a perfect mix of cherry and vanilla with some musk mingling inbetween, it smells like something a vampire would wear on their vacation to fantasy hawaii. I love it!!

  16. karissamckalameja

    This really smells like everything listed. It just smells so good, my fiancé loves it. It’s a truly sexy fragrance- a good scent that I’d wear to a metal show or goth club

  17. Dieheilgenschmied96

    So good, i love it. Get compliments on it all the time. Hope theres more in stock soon.

  18. acadiamercer

    All I can say is…damn this is sexy. My boyfriend loves it too. It smells like dragonsblood on me after a few minutes and I adore it. Nice and sweet, yet sultry and sexy.

  19. as_good_as_dead_666

    I can mostly smell honey when it is in the bottle, but on my skin it smells like warmth. The vanilla and clove are the strongest, with the vetiver and musk underlying it. Absolutely amazing and warm scent.

  20. dthornhill11

    If I could I would give it 4.5 stars, mainly because I liked how it smelled before it aged, which was mainly cherry and creamy vanilla, with only the slightest spiciness from the clove. Now after it’s aged for a bit its more smoky, spicy and musky and far more masculine smelling to me. I did love how it used to smell when I first got it, oh well. It’s definitely not bad at all though.

  21. Raven

    Like many others have said, it’s pretty harsh when you first smell it in the bottle. Sickeningly sweet cherries. If you wait it out however, it becomes incredibly lush and spicy. Last time I wore this to work, I had a coworker following me around and smelling me. If I didn’t know her, it would have been weird

  22. persephonelily

    I love this scent! It’s very rich and complex. It lasts nearly all day, which is a HUGE plus in my book! at $17.50 a bottle, I feel like the scent should really last, and this one does. I’m not a fan of vanilla usually, but you barely notice it in this.

  23. lookingglass

    The vanilla and cherry are rich, ripe, luxurious, and so edible without being overly sweet-like cherry pipe tobacco. The poppy isn’t overly floral, but is more like opium incense. The clove, vetiver, and musk heat it all up and it does pulse deeply…like a heart under a vampire’s kiss…(swoon!)

    This is the scent that just smells like my partner now-it’s been his holy grail since 2005. Mmmm…

  24. DrkHikari

    It’s a very strong musk like aroma. Normally, I don’t like heavy scent but this has become one I use most often. Don’t apply too much ’cause it might cause slight headache. Just a few dab here and there and let it dry. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

  25. Hellokoi

    Vanilla and cherry made sexy with the red wine, dark vetiver smoke, and spicy clove. A sexy, gothic cherry wine. Really lovely and long lasting.

  26. crystallineknowledge

    Of all the scents I ordered in my first ever BPAL order, this was my absolute favorite! It was sexy, bold without being overpowering, sweet and seductive simultaneously! It wore all day and without fading much, which I appreciated. The cherry really nicely complimented my natural scent and the vanilla gave it the extra oomph that made it so mouthwatering. Wearing it made me feel like I was irresistible! It may be a bit too sweet for some if you can’t wear fruity scents, but I did not find Blood Kiss cloying or saccharine at all, and I absolutely adored wearing it.

  27. ashevo

    I won’t lie-I choked when I sniffed this in the imp vial. Wretched at first.

    Wet on skin: Okay, not bad. Bit of a hyperactive cherry/clove lovechild.

    Dry on skin after five minutes: Ohhhh, yes. This is what I wished for. No single note slaps me in the face, and the overall effect is woodsy and sexy. It would make an excellent dressy scent for nighttime outings. It’s musky and unisex, and quite sensual.

  28. sorayagoesshopping

    I ordered 6 Imps from BPAL; I’m a first-time purchaser.

    In the Imp: All I got was the red cherry smell. I took a gamble on this one because I don’t like syrupy cherry smells or maraschino cherries. If you like cherry, it’ll be fine though. The second sniff, I picked up more of the clove smell.

    On my skin, wet: Honestly it reminded me of Vick’s Vapo Rub.

    On my skin, dry: Much better in general, but I don’t really smell cherries anymore.

    Conclusion: I never really smelled the vanilla (which is my favorite scent) in this mixture. I don’t like it enough to buy a full size. It’s a rich, warm scent so others may like it just fine.

  29. Jennifer

    Got this in an imp and it’s pretty amazing! I love it wet in the imp and it keeps that scent on me for about 2-3 hours. On me, it’s cherry and wine starting out and finishes after about 5 hours with straight up clove, which I still really enjoy. Not too overwhelming, I kept sniffing where I applied it. It’s yummy!

  30. dementia_divine

    In the imp: I’m mostly getting the wine, poppies, cherries, followed by the clove.

    Wet: The clove is the most prominent note on my skin, followed by the cherry note. The honeyed vanilla note begins to emerge after a few minutes. I was afraid of the vetiver note, but it is just helping to add a smokiness to the scent, along with the clove note. The poppy and wine are becoming more prominent on the drydown.

    Dry: Still clove and cherry dominant. The spot where I applied this to my arm is very warm, but it does not burn. The wine and poppy notes are pretty strong as well. The honeyed vanilla note resides in the background.

    Much later: There’s a fair amount of vetiver present now, along with the wine note. After a few hours, the vetiver note becomes very strong, overtaking what remains of the other notes.

    Verdict: I’m conflicted with this scent. I love the clove note. The cherry note hasn’t turned to cough syrup on me. This is far more pleasant than I thought it would be, and I really think the scent fits its name. But the wine note makes this a little too fruity-sweet for me, and the vetiver ends up being too strong for me after it has been on my skin for a few hours. So I guess I won’t be wearing this one again.

  31. Gloame

    This came as a frimp March 2015–and it was a wonderful surprise! It’s warm, soft, woodsy. The cherry is unique and beautiful, not at all cloying. It has a low throw, making it perfect for seductive wear.

    I can’t stop smelling my hand, honestly. This may be a new Top 5.

  32. Cherry_Faery

    This has the distinction of being the first BPAL scent that I have had the chance to wear and honestly, it exceeded my expectations. In the bottle, it is a little deceptive and the sweetness of the scent was the first thing to hit me. When I put it on, it quickly evolved and though the cherry and vanilla were there first, the musk and clove were very fast to come through. It’s beautiful on me and I love the way it evolves on my skin.

  33. xaglow

    Don’t be put off by the smell when this one is wet. Let it dry and I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

    The honey is strong when this dries, but it’s kept from being too sweet by the cloves, musk and other heady scents.

  34. [email protected]

    purchase: imp
    in the bottle: amber liquid with heavy vetiver
    wet: vetiver, musk
    drydown: vanilla, clove, wine and all the rest mix into a alluring scent

    This is a fantastic scent that morphs into a spicy sensual pulse that stays very close and intimate to the skin. This is a scent to wear for those one wishes to come closer to catch the warm spice emanating from your skin. It is sexy, seductive and subtle.

  35. Amanda

    I really dislike how this smells in the bottle – very strong, sharp woodsy/balsam notes. I think this is the vetiver. I almost regretted buying a whole bottle when I first opened it. After a few minutes on, the vetiver dries down a bit and the honey comes out strong. It quickly evolves into a more complex blend of lush juiciness, ever so slightly sweet, warm vanilla and honey, with a sinister spicy background. It’s incredibly sexy. I’m extremely glad I gambled on a whole bottle – I think this will become my favorite BPAL I own!

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