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Lightning Perfume Oil


Lightning slashing the midnight skies over the endless reaches of the ocean. The electric tang of ozone, marine notes, and a drop of sharp rain.

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Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. abyssopelagic_

    Sharp, aquatic, and salty- Lightning is an ocean lover’s dream. Needless to say, it’s my all time favorite BPAL scent so far! It’s one I tend to ration because I like it so much, however I’m working on wearing it more often!

  2. suntannedcactus147

    I really like this one! It has a fresh, watery, citrus-like smell, like a nice clean person ready to go somewhere nice. It’s definitely pretty summery; as a Florida local, it reminds me of weekend daytrips and looking out at the sunset on the Gulf. This is one I’ll probably get a full size of (I got the imp).

  3. erklein290

    One of my absolute favorites. I got this as a frimp and didn’t expect much, but BOY was I wrong. It truly smells like lightning fresh on the skin, something clean, wet, and sharp. Once it starts to fade it makes me think of a waterfall. It’s a fresh, juicy scent; I catch something akin to lemon or ginger, but it’s subtle. A definite recommendation for fans of fresh, “water” perfumes.

  4. lunar-lemonade

    I received this as an imp (aka sample) and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this scent when I first looked it up on the website. When a perfume is described as “watery,” “oceanic,” or “aquatic” I just think of the Calvin Klein scents that girls used to wear in high school. Boy, was I wrong. Upon opening the imp, you do get that sort of aquatic scent note but there’s so much more! A sharpness that is hard to explain and underlying notes of lilies and maybe lemon or bergamot? On my skin, this scent is divine and wears beautifully. It starts off very sharp, bursting with juicy watery notes and citrus, this cools down and while it’s still the main scent, the soft floral and supporting citrus notes come through. I live in the pacific northwest so I can best describe it as the moment when it starts to rain but the sun is still shining through the clouds. In this scenario, this storm would be happening over a lake full of lily pads next to a grove of bergamot and lemon trees. I wore Sunflowers in high school and this is vaguely reminiscent of that scent. I will be purchasing a large bottle!

  5. verodelrio

    Beautifully clean and fresh but with personality. Wore it out on a rainy day and it felt perfect.

  6. littlejackal

    I call this the Disney perfume because it smells like a combination of the aromatic aspects of the ride Soarin’ and a perfume sold at Epcot by the name of Leila. It’s very aquatic, especially right out of the bottle, but doesn’t smell too much like hand soap. I won’t be keeping this imp for me, but it certainly works as a sharp, light, fresh fragrance.

  7. allycollett

    One of my favorite scents! It smells so clean and almost just like water to me. Definitely one of the best aquatics I’ve tried. Something I will be keeping in my collecting and reordering when I run out.

  8. huelsmeyer

    This is a great spring scent that reminded me of a water lillies.

  9. artimisia

    Citrus meets aquatic. It might sound strange, but it’s a grand combination. My skin usually prefers warm notes, so aquatics can be hit or miss with me. And citrus generally smells good but fades quickly on me. Somehow, mixing the two fixes both things. The citrus scent makes this perfume clean and refreshing and not too…uh, blue…at all. The aquatic scent is in the background and simply keeps the smell clean and refreshing. And the citrus didn’t fade out of the scent. The mixture stayed just as it was and lasted all day. I highly recommend this one.

  10. Donna

    Another imp, another fantastic scent. In the imp it’s sharp and refreshing. I accidentally spilled a little on my fingers while I was opening it, and now I can’t stop smelling them. Ooops.

  11. ggrosz84

    This scent reminds me of running out to get laundry off the line outdoors because a storm is rolling in and the first drops have suddenly splattered down. It has a clean, sharp, watery aroma. I wouldn’t characterize it as a marine scent, but rather one of summer rainstorms.

    So refreshing. This was the first aquatic scent I tried, and I rather like it. I usually wear something woody and warm, but this is a very nice change.

  12. unicorngoth

    I was very intrigued by the description and decided to give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised! It has a definite zing to it and has strong ozone notes. Definitely unisex. I’d give it a 5/5 if it had stronger marine notes. Worth trying if you want something unusual.

  13. Gloame

    Smells like spring cleaning. Very fresh and sharp. Doesn’t work for me, but it’s a good scent if you like aquatics.

    Unisex, aquatic, room scents, summer.

  14. xaglow

    I’m not 100% sold on this in both wet and dry form. It is very sharp and clean when wet, and as it dries it starts to smell like pine, at least… on me it does.

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