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Namaste Perfume Oil


A Sanskrit blessing and word of greeting that bears a powerful symbolism. It represents the Oneness of all of existence, the union of matter and spirit, perfect wholeness. It is accompanied by a gesture: Anjali — hands pressed together, fingertips heavenward, pressed together over the heart’s chakra.

This oil blend is a serene, soothing Indian blend, created to bring calm and joy to the heart and peace to the spirit. Sandalwood, jasmine, rose, patchouli, cedarwood and lemongrass.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.






  1. ksdmediamania

    Love this smell.. wore this for two months straight because it was so spiritually awakening. I love the mix of notes in this, smells like a clean girl yoga studio.

  2. em_6_11

    A little soapy right out of the imp. After a while on the skin, it smelled exactly like a little hippy boutique in New Paltz, NY – incense all the way.

  3. kristydiez2

    This was a terrific, interesting blend which on me unfortunately turned a bit soapy due to my peculiar body chemistry. However, I still love it and equate it with a luxurious bath soak, so I wear it whenever I want a very “clean” scent.

  4. Heather

    Wet: The lemongrass and rose stand out the most. It’s an interesting blend that reminds me of an antique thrift store combined with my grandmother’s bureau. It’s almost a nostalgic / vintage smell.

    Dry after two hours: The sandalwood comes out to blend nicely with the rose. Rose is still the predominant note that I smell followed closely by lemongrass.

    Overall, it’s not a overwhelming scent which I like. It doesn’t give me a headache, and you wouldn’t smell it across a room. I think it’s rather a personal scent, very mature (like an older woman). Definitely very feminine. I didn’t detect the patchoulli at all, which is strange since patchoulli usually is a stronger scent on me. I did detect maybe a hint of jasmine and cedarwood, but they weren’t that noticeable. Mostly I noticed the lemongrass and rose. I think this would be good for a daytime scent. It’s feminine and flirty without being seductive and heady.

  5. xaglow

    The lemongrass and sandalwood are strong when this is wet. As it dries the citric note dims to where the woods and jasmine get to come out.
    I really liked this one!

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