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Poisoned Apple Perfume Oil


The queen stepped before her mirror:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

The mirror answered:

You, my queen, are fair; it is true.
But Little Snow-White with the seven dwarfs
Is a thousand times fairer than you.

When the queen heard this, she shook and trembled with anger, “Snow-White will die, if it costs me my life!” Then she went into her most secret room — no one else was allowed inside — and she made a poisoned, poisoned apple. From the outside it was red and beautiful, and anyone who saw it would want it. Then she disguised herself as a peasant woman, went to the dwarfs’ house and knocked on the door.

Snow-White peeped out and said, “I’m not allowed to let anyone in. The dwarfs have forbidden it most severely.”

“If you don’t want to, I can’t force you,” said the peasant woman. “I am selling these apples, and I will give you one to taste.”

“No, I can’t accept anything. The dwarfs don’t want me to.”

“If you are afraid, then I will cut the apple in two and eat half of it. Here, you eat the half with the beautiful red cheek!” Now the apple had been so artfully made that only the red half was poisoned. When Snow-White saw that the peasant woman was eating part of the apple, her desire for it grew stronger, so she finally let the woman hand her the other half through the window. She bit into it, but she barely had the bite in her mouth when she fell to the ground dead.

The queen was happy, went home, and asked her mirror:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

And it answered:

You, my queen, are fairest of all.

A perfect, lovely, gleaming red apple whose sweetness masks a swirl of narcotic opium, oleander, and hemlock.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. spiraleyedghost

    ahh ok.. so. my Doll picked this one out for herself, and as a fan of apples myself I was intrigued.. arrival time, opened (imp) and .. wow.. this is awesome. this is one of those, lingering sweet smokes of some kind.. like hookah lounge smoke escaping through the window and down into an alleyway of shaded vibes.. it’s such a trip.
    I smell the apple, green.. it seems.. maybe yellows.. and there’s this undertone scent that’s just riding on it like a cloak in the wind, a shadow to the void. this is an October evening one to me, and it’s not even mine! I like this one all the way.
    my Wife says – ” when I first smelt it, the apple was at the forefront, after awhile on the skin, the opium and the hemlock come forward and transform the smell into something hypnotic and complex. it reminds me of a quiet Halloween night.”

  2. CarolineCarnivorous

    Definitely smells like apple. I’m not really sure what the other notes smell like, but after a while I can definitely smell something else. It definitely fits the concept, the apple lures you in, but when it’s too late, the poison sets in. It fades relatively quickly though, just as well, leaving no trace of the poison. It does linger faintly though,

  3. amberjurg

    I got this as a sample and I simply
    love it! The apple smell is strong at first, and as it dries, you can really smell what lurks beneath—a warm, earthy ending.

  4. dukelhope

    Gorgeous, crisp apple with something dark under the surface… Excellent scent.

  5. Claire

    I got this as a sample and I will absolutely be getting the full size. It’s fantastic. The apple smells like proper apple, fresh and crisp, but it’s balanced out by its other elements so that it fades into something a touch darker without losing that apple quality. I really enjoy it; it’s refreshing and just a touch unusual.

  6. ldircks91

    A great nighttime autumnal scent. Crisp, fresh apple that immediately transitions to a dark, sensuous, approach-at-your-own-risk scent. It has a fermented quality without being too boozy or sour, and the smoky-sweet opium never overpowers the apple or vice versa. Very nice!

  7. jazminvergara1946

    Back in eight grade, I used to have this one bottle of American Girl Apple Blossom body wash gel that I liked a lot. Thinking about it now makes me nostalgic. I’m much older now, so I wanted to find a perfume that would have the qualities that I was looking for while offering something more.

    Poisoned Apple is everything. It’s dark, the scent of tempting tart apples, it’s beautiful. It’s perfect. This is not a sweet fruity scent, it is so much more. I adore this scent, and got to try it out as an imp before getting a full sized bottle of this liquid gold. It feels very indulgent to apply this marvelous complex scent. It’s a favorite of mine, and I can’t write enough good things about it.

  8. turtle70264

    This is like everything that I love about fall distilled into 1/32nd of an ounce. It’s like a hayride through an apple orchard in late autumn; sweet, but with a hint of decay underneath. It was perfect for Halloween, but I’m gonna be wearing this well into January (assuming I don’t run out first).

  9. stephaniesherm2

    This is a very lovely scent. I like to wear this when I want something that’s dark and mysterious but not too murky or heavy. The apples lighten up the poison notes a little bit, so it is appropriate for daytime wear. The opium lends some dryness, which to me keeps this from being too fruity (though the apples do stay prevalent throughout the day on me.)

  10. bjornviking369

    This is the absolute best Apple fragrance that Black Phoenix has so far! I’m huge Apple fragrance connoisseur.

  11. Sabrina

    This is the best apple perfume I’ve ever encountered. It’s not sweet or sugary, it’s more tart, crisp, and mature, with a sinister hint of decay. The smell of poison lurks in the background, just noticeable enough to make this a more deep, adult perfume.

  12. tigresacanela25

    I had my doubts about this one. I opened the imp and tart, tart apple flooded out with a disturbing sort of sour note. Wet it smells like, well, apples. But not a fresh, cheery apple scent, more like apples that have fallen off the tree and are rotting in leaf litter aand saturated earth. It smells like the death of an apple orchard. But then, when it dries, that is when the magic happens. And my god, is it magical. I can believe wholeheartedly that this is the apple that the wicked queen gave to Snow White. It’s a full, rounded mature apple scent. Adult somehow. It’s beautifully mingled with deceptively soft, spicy florals that keep you coming back to sniff. It’s a dangerous seduction. It’s the apple Eve ate. It’s the first time I’ve loved an apple scent and I will absolutely be buying a fulll bottle. Way to go, BPAL.

  13. KatRampant

    Strong, gorgeous apple in the imp which stays strong when applied, but gives way to something herbal and a bit of decay. The opium is nice and strong on me but it never overtakes the apple, rather harmonizing with it in an unexpectedly gorgeous way. For a fruit dominant fragrance, this is very mature and only barely sweet. I will absolutely be getting a bottle.

  14. Anebra

    To me this smells like an apple that has been maturing for a while, until it fell from the tree a murky autumn day… lying on the ground for a while after that, soaking up the earthy undertones from the grass and the dirt. So it is not especially tart or fresh – it’s a mature and slightly full scent, but well rounded off, so it’s not sharp or annoying. I quite like it.

    I smirked at how they took a harmless, edible apple and mixed it with some pretty dangerous flowers (no, seriously, Oleander and hemlock can kill you, and we all know what they use Opium for) – and et voilá, quite literally creating a poisoned apple. When you first smell it, you can easily recognize the apple. But when you’re lured in, you realize there’s something more to it, something dangerous and alluring… I genuinely believe that a concoction like this really could kill off snow white. You guys are so much fun.

  15. xaglow

    This is the best apple scent I have ever come across! The oleander is nicely hinted at when this one dries on the skin, but this scent is almost completely dominated by apples! Love it! Will buy the larger bottle!

  16. Greatwhitenowhere

    Apples apples apples. If you’re looking for a true apple dominant scent then look no further.
    Favourite apple scent tested so far that stays true to an apple-y note without being too flowery or too woodsy.

    In the bottle it smells like a bushel of apples, on it smells… Like apples! but with faint floral hints that offer a slight powdery note but is kept well in check by the slight warmth and spice of opium.

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