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Scherezade Perfume Oil


A master storyteller who possessed unfailing courage and compassion, a sharp, quick wit, and a true understanding of human nature. Saffron and Middle Eastern spices swirled through sensual red musk.

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Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lauren

    Putting this on my skin and smelling it, I enjoyed it, but there was something extremely familiar about it. As it dried down I was hit with nostalgia but unable to figure it out for a good hour. I roped in my mom as originally I felt it was exactly like an incense she has burned before, but it suddenly hit me that this scent (sweet patchouli, if i had to describe) is a dead ringer for how it smelled when as a kid my mom and I would go to a local record store. This place is now just a head shop and no longer sells records, but when I’d walk in as a child I’d get hit by the smell of their incense wall. Sticks in mason jars out in the air mingling together coupled with the general smell of their vinyl area. No wonder I feel so nostalgic when I smell it. Love this scent.

  2. Mel_Nightshade

    J’adore les parfums boisés, terreux et légèrement épicés. Scherezade est l’un de mes parfums favoris à vie! Il me plonge dans un état méditatif et me fait voyager tout à la fois! Ses notes sont osées, opulantes, soutenues, enveloppantes. Un parfum chaleureux et sensuel.

  3. Claire

    This is an excellent, deep, incense-like scent. The base of the scent reminds me of clay, so I would say this has a kind of earthy, spicy vibe to it. Definitely evokes images of Middle Eastern storytelling, so very well done!

  4. Katie

    I am a lifelong New England witch, and I am here to tell you that this is exactly what the occult shops in Salem and Gloucester smell like. This evokes very pleasant sense memories for me!

  5. quixotic.dreamer

    I knew straight away that this would become one of my favorites, and I was right. Feminine and sweet (but not too much!), and very grounded in that musk. I can’t praise it enough.

  6. phoenix.simms

    Scherezade is the first imp I tried as a first time BPAL customer that won me over completely. It’s a perfect scent for evening outings. I wore it when attending one of Gary Numan’s last concerts with my family and will always associate it with exuberant creativity. Scherezade lasts on me for a whole day, and sometimes into the evening. It’s a great scent to wear if you don’t like re-applying fast-fading scents.

  7. Brandon

    This is arguably my favorite BPAL fragrance. I got an imp, wore it the next day, and immediately purchased the full-size bottle. I love a fragrance that dances between the masculine and the feminine, just as I do as a gay man.

    It’s a very heady scent that clouds the senses at first sniff. The red musk is strong and sensual, with the saffron and “Middle Eastern spices” definitely adding in playful and sexy notes on top.

    This is definitely one of those fragrances that I wear to a bar, and men who walk by stop and come back to ask what I’m wearing. It just has an undefinable allure, and wears well on my skin.

    Great throw to the scent, and a decent longevity. I’d say 4-6 hours on me. Definitely give it a shot.

  8. ldircks91

    Beautiful scent. Heavy musk out of the bottle, but the dry down is a mellow, slightly sweet, woody spice. This smells like the incense in every New Age shop I’ve ever walked into. If you like BPAL’s Morocco, you’ll probably like Scherezade.

  9. maryschaperow

    Just received mine (finally!) in the mail yesterday. I couldn’t wait to get it! Totally agree that this smells like the incense Nag Champra….which was what I was hoping for. I also smell a vague hint of green when I 1st applied it. I haven’t had anyone tell me that I smell good today and I can only smell the fragrance when I hold my arm up to my nose, so it doesn’t seem as though its a real strong fragrance on me. All in all, I am pleased and will be ordering more fragrances for sure. I also wish these came in a rollerball type bottle!

  10. vampireleniore

    This is definitely one of my favorites from BPAL or ever, as far as perfumes go. This smells like Nag Champa incense on me and I love it so much. It has the perfect amount of throw on me and lasts very well. I am in love with this. If you love incense scents, this is a must-have.

  11. Elizabeth

    This was a heavy duty incense on me, like I had it burning near my hair for an hour. If you like incense, try it.

  12. Hannah

    This is incredible on me. Warmth and spice, but also lasting sweetness, it smells like a sexy, hidden back room in a book store, selling forbidden tomes and black market occult items. It opens very powerfully and then mellows over time. I wish it lasted a smidge longer, but I’m more than happy to reapply in the evening for a new burst of heat and musk.

  13. Angela

    I’m ordering a full bottle of this today before I kill the imp. The mixture of red musk and saffron is perfect on my skin. It is something I can wear day or night without inhibitions, I seriously cannot stop smelling my wrist when I wear it.

  14. KatRampant

    Strong musk in the imp, which mellows on application. It is quite sharp and dry, but the spices temper it and the saffron keeps it mellow. Absolutely like a new-age shop. It lasts quite a while without changing much, and blends very nicely with my skin. I only wish there was a tiny bit more sweetness. (To that end, I layered it with New Orleans and it was delicious.)

  15. Julia

    This smell reminds me of every occult shop I’ve ever stepped into. There’s a mix of exotic incense and books. It’s warm, sexy, and familiar. It’s not too sweet on me either. My skin usually amps any sweet tones until they’re sickening. But not with this. I think I’m going to have to order a full bottle next time.

  16. luxdancer

    Wet: Out of the bottle, the scent that dominates is musk. I can’t catch any of the saffron or spices. There’s a cool note that I associate with commercial perfumes, sort of alcohol-y, but also what is often used in aquatic scents.

    Dry: After a bit of time, I do catch a hint of warm spices, but it’s mostly musk and it faded out pretty quick. I don’t think I’m too fond of this one.

  17. [email protected]

    On me, this is a very musk forward blend, tempered with gentle spices. It is a pleasant blend, but does not morph much out of the musk mode. It is long lasting and has medium sillage. I love musk in blends, but not musk heavy blends. However, it is interesting enough to keep the imp.

  18. carlos

    The heady scent of languorous bodies bathing in a steamy, sultry, Persian harem…The red musk ignites your libido, the saffron warms the skin, and the nuances of souk spices carry you away to another time, another place. I’m hooked!

  19. GoddesShel

    It’s official: Red Musk is my new best friend. This is simply sex-in-a-bottle on me. Spicy, sultry, sensual red musk. I feel like I could seduce a stone wearing this.

  20. Lycanthrope

    Scherezade is one of my best ‘going out’ night scents. It’s a very sweet and sultry red musk. I never fail to get compliments when I wear this scent, generally from men ‘what … you smell amazing!’ A little goes a long way and it’s a touch runnier than other oils (my dropper bottle is more like dribble). I would say that it is a cool, night-spiciness, not too fiery or overly warm. I always think of exotic markets when I’m wearing this. Dries down pretty similar to when it goes on and doesn’t morph a whole bunch. I have a backup or two and would be gutted if for any reason I had to go without. A penultimate red musk scent, the saffron spice is the one thing I can definitely wear, personally.

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