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Sudha Segara Perfume Oil


Named after the primordial ocean of milk where Lord Vishnu reclines upon the thousand-headed Naga. Sweet milk and warm, healing ginger with a touch of golden honey and our blend of Ambrosia.

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Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.






  1. Melissa

    I got the Imp, and now I’m hooked. It’s a sweet and clean smell, and the honeyed ginger stands out prominently.
    Of course I’m hooked just in time for it to be out of stock…

  2. gmr2broadway

    As others have noted, the description of the fragrance notes does NOT capture this smell. It’s like… a piece of candied ginger between the lips of a heavily powdered woman holding Play Doh and wearing an Arabian perfume. There is ginger, and a touch of sweet. There is powder, but it wasn’t overwhelming on my skin. There is that… salty and floury scent of, yes, Play Doh. And the slightest undernote of something exotic.

    Honestly, I liked it, a lot. It sat well on my skin, and I had the faintest notes still there 10mhours later. That said, you had to press your nose to my wrist to smell it, even 5 minutes after applying. It is not a perfume that travels to others, which might make it perfect for work.

  3. james_the_saint

    I got this as a sample and I have to say I’m really surprised by the description. I vaguely smell milk in this after it was pointed out, but my first thought was this smells like a gin cocktail, maybe a gimlet. I might be crazy, but it’s still a nice fragrance. I won’t wear it myself so I don’t know about the staying power.

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