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Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo Perfume Oil


Bottled happiness. Helps reverse misfortune, brings light and laughter to even the most troubled and discordant place, and aids in alleviating the stress and discontent that accompanies so many of life’s daily trials.

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Conjure Bag Perfume Oil Blends

Scents inspired by authentic New Orleans voodoo recipes. Passed down to our lab via oral tradition.
Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lisa

    This is so much fun! It reminds me of Runts, I think? I’m not sure, I’ve not had any since the mid-90s but those little fruit-shaped sweeties immediately came to mind, along with running out to the ice-cream van with some change for a mixup. Definitely worth a try if you like sweet, fruity fragrances.

  2. Clay Wallace

    In the bottle: Light, bright candy. The tiniest hint of acidity, but less like citrus and more like pop rocks or sweet-tarts.

    Fresh on the skin: Soapy bubblegum. Still a little tart, but overpowered with a very edible sweetness. Candy in a plastic easter egg.

    Later: A little waxy and warm, like a candle. No longer smells edible, but still is sweet.

    Overall, a very cheerful scent, something one might enjoy in moderation. Definitely not an everyday for me (and maybe not for me at all), but could be fun if in need of a youthful pick-me-up.

  3. c.sausa0526

    Bottled happiness indeed! Yes, it smells like sweet tarts candy in the bottle, and on my skin, it’s still like candy but as noted, also smells sort of floral, with notes of vanilla and citrus(?) – and the vanilla candle description is accurate, I noticed it smelled like that after about an hour on my skin. This is one of my favorite fragrances. If you like “sweet” or “vanilla” perfumes, this is a good one for you!

  4. Claire

    This was given to me as a free imp and it’s such a happy scent. Reminds me of baking and sweets. Not one I’d normally wear myself, but definitely a nice scent.

  5. karissamckalameja

    Wow talk about a truly fun and energetic fragrance. It’s like a more mature candy scent. I really love it.

  6. grateful_mama

    Sweet tart candy in the imp and wet on the skin. Uplifting and not overwhelming, even though I’m not much for candy and dessert scents. The candy tartness faded within an hour, leaving behind sweet vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of amber. The scent that stayed with me longest was a vanilla candle, burning on a Spring altar in the sunshine.

  7. Janice

    Mmmmm! This smells sweet at first but mellows out on me like a yummy frosted vanilla cake! This reminds me of a mellow-er version of Eat Me. By the way, these 2 scents pair very well on me and I smell like dessert and who doesnt like that? 🙂 I went to bed with this on and Im SURE I had happy dreams because of it. I woke in a great mood and I put it on again this am and I’m still loving it this afternoon. It doesnt have very strong staying power but I like that because I have more versatility with it. I can choose to put more on and not be overwhelmed. I love this scent!

  8. Kristin

    Such a joyful scent, truly.

    In the bottle it smells strongly of crushed up sweet tarts, though more sweet than tart.

    When wet and freshly applied, the sweet tart smell is still there, but there’s something almost spicy and floral to it as well.

    When it dries, it goes back to smelling more like a sweet candy mixture, whatever the spice and floral are fade to the background, but are still lightly present.

    My only complaint about this scent is I wish it lasted longer. After about four hours it was almost imperceptible, but it was going strong until that point. But it is so good, I just had to reapply it. I’ll definitely be getting a large bottle of this in the future. It really does brighten up my day to smell it on myself.

  9. TheMoon

    This scent is so fun. It really does make me feel happy and I can’t stop sniffing my wrists. It’s a little like a juicy smarty candy. It dries softly and I think I smell an amber/powder like base. A keeper. I’m glad it came as a frimp.

  10. delirium23

    Delightfully light and sweet.

  11. Victoria

    I’m usually not one for sweet, fruity scents… but Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo was delicious!! Reminiscent of youth – maybe bubble gum and maybe peaches. Quickly dries down to a more lush scent of something still bubblegum-y but now something far warmer. A touch of amber? A bit of cinnamon? Either way, I honestly feel it does what it claims to do – enlists a feeling of light and happiness in and chases away the stress and negativity of the daily grind.

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