Black Phoenix Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Black Phoenix Perfume Oil


Our signature oil. A dark, languid scent.

Promotes hedonistic tendencies and extreme self-love. You won’t stop kissing mirrors for a month.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. megan1g1clark.03

    I don’t think I have ever found a perfume that smelled so much like a bowl of black cherries surrounded by subtly sweet or honey-ish smelling flowers… This is absolutely one of my favorites and will be buying it for years to come.

  2. unknowntruths1524

    It smells like cherries and almond. I would bathe in this stuff. Buying the full size after being given a freebie.

  3. BellaLugosi

    Strong, but not overpowering, a little sharp-edgy, but sweet, complex. A sensational kind of ‘burned’ smell comes through first and had me ekstatic as soon as I opened the bottle. When drying down I get a hint of carnation mixed with cherry candy and the burned smell dimishes to a smoky overlay. On me it stays for about two hours in full and then fades within two to three hours almost completely. It’s not an everyday scent for me but is def going on my list for a full-size!

  4. yashendwirh

    Got a imp to try it and I’ll be ordering a bottle!

    In bottle -Earthy floral, a little sweet
    On skin – Amazing. It’s almost powdery, earthy, not-quite sweet, feminine, definitely sultry
    Throw – minimal. This is a close and personal scent

  5. laurel.kalypso

    Received this as a Frimp and it quickly became a favorite! I never would have ordered this on my own, so I’m happy I got it.
    I smell a lot of almond in it, I don’t know if that’s one of the notes but that’s what I get. Also cherry. It’s warm and comforting and I feel very confident when I wear it. I ordered a full bottle and it’s definitely a go-to scent for me.

  6. Lauren Messenger

    Red berries and spice, fading into something sweet and lingering. Quite a bit of staying power on my skin, which I did not expect from such a fruit scent! The other reviewers are right about the smell being reminiscent of Dr. Pepper. It also smells a bit like black raspberry flavor tastes, if that makes any sense?

  7. Gloame

    I love this. It reminds me of Dr. Pepper chapstick that I used to have when I was a tween. At first, anyway. Lovely, fat cherries in a thick syrup. Deep, dry resin. Laughter at a brothel. Aged bourbon, without the boozy vibe. Slutty and confident in the best way.

    Where I’d wear this: To a dancing girls show, in the 18th century, Paris.

  8. lookingglass

    From a gift of candy, to the presentation of fresh blooms, to the down and dirty seduction in an incensed room. I am in love…BPAL was the queen of loukoum scents before it was cool.

  9. [email protected]

    ive had an imp of this before, to me, it smells like marzipan (without chocolate) or DR pepper, those are the 2 things it reminded me of, its a nice fun scent but for daily wear, no thanks

  10. Qooqie

    The first time I tried this I tried it with a friend. It smelled like cherries. Dark, heavy, cherries. So I decided to buy one for myself.

    The second time I tried it, after I got my bottle, it smelled… sharp. Almost like alcohol. With small hints of cherry.

    I let it age for a while, and it got a little bit better, but not much. I don’t know if my chemistry changed, if the mixture changed, or what. But I think that this one is definitely dependent on your body chemistry. 🙂

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