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Dracul Perfume Oil


Named in honor of Vlad III, Tepes, of the Order of the Dragon. Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. kermit.gibson13

    I am interested in Vampiric scents. This is a fantastic male scent that adds a sense of Gentleman’s class. When I first apply it to the skin it has strong Citrus, It cools down into a posh mint/orange Gentleman’s cologne. It clings to my skin most of the day, It smells more uniform when sweating and is refreshing under the scolding sun.
    8.5/10 – Top 5 of my collection

  2. PuzzlingPrince

    Absolutely delicious, and one of my favorites! Pleasantly spicy sweet and has good staying power without being overbearing. I wore this to class one day and was told I smelled like a record store, which I think is an apt description of this scent.

  3. Stef

    I’m going to need a bigger one of these! The spicy sweetness sort of reminds me of Chanel’s Coco (another one I wear a lot), but darker and with that clove and mint clearly shining through. The combination of woodsy, minty and clovey with just that little sweetness makes this one of my new favorites. Like most of the other scents I’ve tried, it mellows out as it dries, leaving that barely orange-tinged spice behind that’s really, really pleasant. Here’s hoping that this scent brings me as much luck as the other reviewer who got a job wearing it! Haha. I’m the only person who can smell it at home, but it smells fantastic.

  4. linnealager98

    Got this as an imp and I fell in love. Too bad it is out of stock :<

  5. chriskatonic

    This is an intriguing scent, for sure. The first impression is of dark chocolate, orange, and a blend of clove, nutmeg, and allspice (particularly clove). After some time, the scent shifts away from this spicy bittersweet scent to a lighter one of lemon and mint. Then, the scent changes again to the first impression, though this time lighter and sweeter. The musk is light and enticing, and rests behind the other scents without competing with them. This scent works very well with my skin chemistry. It is a warm, sophisticated, and delicious scent. I receive many compliments when I wear this.

  6. mjanefh

    Wow. I mean…WOW. This is not something I would normally go for based on the notes listed. I got an imp and I may use this sucker up before too long. It’s spicey floral Incense magic. Good lord it’s sexy and magical. Looks like it’s OOS. Bummer!

  7. alezmarlow

    This perfume, perhaps because of the time when it was gifted to me, may forever remind me of Carpathian small town mid-autumn. It mixes deliciously with the air full of scents of rain, smoke, and rotting leaves. On my skin it is mostly tobacco and spice, with a faint floral trail. After a good while it leaves a slight bitterness on your skin that to me is warm and comforting – something not exactly like a perfume, but rather a peculiar smell of nature in full decay you are lucky enough to be able to wear.

  8. Veera

    This perfume got me a job because it has a commanding aura. This perfume gives grown men weak knees. A comment I received just yesterday was “you smell like you would have done a summoning ritual for ten hours in a secret stone basement somewhere, and then just suddenly appeared here.” and “this scent reminds of something that made me thrillingly happy as a child. Your scent lingers after you left, like a ghost in the air.”

    I can’t stand floral, happy, powdery girl scents. I prefer darker and more masculine scents. This one here is magical, and tragically out of stock since forever. It is, however, out of stock for a reason. I wouldn’t recommend this if you want to blend into the background or go unnoticed. If you do however know that demons are angels most beautiful, this one’s for you.

  9. jonesre

    Oh wow, is all I can say. Dracul is one of my favorite masculine scents! I like it enough to try and stock up.

  10. satanas1

    It was exactly as I thought it would be,all the different scents were perfect.

  11. Sarah

    Sort of like a room full of really old candles and blossoming trees. Dark and strong – I can actually taste it when I breathe in. Between masculine and feminine, more in the realm of something more ominous than gender.

  12. xaglow

    This is very dark when wet. The tobacco, cloves and mint trail after each other, almost in that order. As it dries the mint keep this otherwise heady mix from being too warm. The tobacco blooms out nicely as it dries over the musk. Very nice!

  13. luxdancer

    This reminds me of the Lush perfume, 25:43. I’m not exactly sure why – there’s a distant pepper-y note mellowed by a sweet floral scent and almost a citrus-y bite with a touch of anise or something that makes me think of Dorian (something about corrupted vanilla?).

    Wow citrus and pepper, I’m digging this! It still reminds me of 25:43 but in a good way. On my guy, he describes it as warm spices – mostly the cloves and musk come out. On me, it’s the orange blossom and cloves, I think. It’s actually a quite nice scent.

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