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Djinn Perfume Oil


An ancient, free-willed race created from the essence of Fire, much as man was created from Earth. They prowled the land at night, vanishing with the first rays of dawn. Myths surrounding the Djinn paint them as many things: benevolent champions of mankind and slaves to mad sorcerers, malicious incubi / succubi and energy vampires, or malevolent harbingers of madness and disease. The Djinn are ruled by Iblis, the Prince of Darkness, who bears unspeakable contempt for man.

The scent of black smoke, of crackling flames, and smoldering ashes.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lauren

    This is a nose puncher for me…not that I mind. The smell of something post a raging fire tearing through. Smoky, spicy, ashy. On my skin the scent doesn’t really change from wet to dry. I do think I’ll have the same issue with this one I had years ago with Antikythera Mechanism; sharp, metallic type scents induce strong headaches and I feel like this one might do the same. I’m prone to headaches though – my brain chemistry is whack – and I think if I layered this very lightly with a sweeter, warmer scent, it would be tamed enough to avoid issues.

  2. Goomba

    I’d say it smells very dry and light, and a bit spicy-hot and sweet in the background of it. A deeper heavier more complex smell often feels more me, but I can’t deny this is a pretty quality masculine scent. Also, anything with some smoky-hot aspect is something my skin tends to intensify, but strangely less so with this one. And unlike with other oils from this shop that I’ve gotten so far, it almost bothers my nose if I inhale it closely, with something a bit soapy I can’t quite put my finger on.

  3. serenanicolefessenden

    Got this as a freebie, and never have I been so blessed in luck by the perfume gods. I love it. Comes out almost assaulting, smoldering, but settles to the best pine-soapy almost-citrus spicy scent. I just feel like how I want to feel in it; not typical, nature-y but also technical, mystical but practical. Great mixed with others too. Such a great product.

  4. Jae

    This one was an assault on my allergies, but that doesn’t mean it isnt great. Just not for me.

  5. littlejackal

    I got an imp of this, and I have to say this scent doesn’t smell all that smokey or fiery to me. It seems hot definitely, but more like the heat of a flat rock in the desert, not an open flame. I don’t dislike the scent, it’s woody without that overwhelming pine scent many woody fragrances have. Overall, it seems mostly unisex, pleasantly wearable, but on my skin it lacks the smokiness I was hoping for.

  6. cobrien.extraordinaire

    I got this as an Imp, and while I don’t think I’d go back for a full-size bottle, it’s definitely interesting – a strong rush of pure smoke at first, that settles down into something like smoldering pine branches.

  7. sonotcool

    Of all the smoky fragrances that I have tried, this is my favorite. I get smoke from start to finish, with crackling flames and ash. I often pair it with other scents that need a bit more complexity. This scent is complete genius.

  8. [email protected]

    On me when wet it is a smoky peanut butter (?!) but give it a few minutes and it morphs into a dry spicy blend that reminds me of a spice candle. An interesting morpher, and one to try if you enjoy spicy surprises.

  9. xaglow

    When wet this smells woodsy and sharp. After it dries there is a complex array of aromas that start off warm, but cools to something less smoke like, but no less sharp.
    I’m not exactly convinced this is unisex. There is just something too sharp about it that I don’t think works on women. Gave this one to my Dad and he seems to really like it, leading me to a more cemented impression that this is a mans cologne.

  10. vonwolfe

    Djinn does an amazing job of creating an impression of fire. This is such a great example of Beth’s genius.

    In the imp this smells of smoldering ashes, vetiver and lava. Once applied to my skin, the fiery notes explode into a burst of warm citrus and a hint of menthol to give you the idea of wild flames licking the air.
    Just like a fire, as it sits for a while, Djinn stars to cool into a cozy, smoldering citrus and vetiver scent. The final dry down stage almost smells clean and soapy.

    This is a great scent for anyone looking to explore fire notes or vetiver without feeling overwhelmed. Love it!

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