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Kumiho Perfume Oil


Nine-tailed fox demon of Korean lore who transforms into the visage of an irresistible beauty in order to seduce men and lead them to their doom.

A sharp, biting blend of crisp white tea and ginger.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. BellaLugosi

    This I got as a frimp on my first order and it’s the one that got me hooked! Would never have ordered it just from the description but I’m grateful it came with the order. Couldn’t stop sniffing on my wrist the day I tested it first and was very pleasantly surprised on the complexity without so much weight, just like it says about the legendary figure of kumiho in the description it kept changing. It’s a very light scent, but crisp with lots of citrus, but more the bitter grapefruity kind, not the lemon kind. Drying down I get a sweeter peachy note and then the ginger zinger. It keeps pleasantly in the background all day, fresh, not fading as quickly as one might assume by a light scent. Perfect for a light summerday!

  2. minikadomi

    Very sharp, clean and zesty. I can smell lemon and ginger but not really any tea. The scent calms down after a while.

  3. atflyaway

    A very clear, energizing scent. Lifting and very elegant.
    I don’t think I wear it well, but I’ll be purchasing it as a gift for others.

  4. kaseyrosey

    The ginger has a nice bite to it at first that is very seductive. Intense ginger lingered for about an hour then dried to a light, sweet, white scent. Perfect for date night!

  5. Emily

    One of my absolute favourites. The white tea comes through more than the ginger, which lingers in the background, and together it creates an almost floral scent on me with medium throw. It lasts through the workday but I do need to reapply if I want to wear it if I want it to last through the evening, as well. I’ll definitely be buying a bottle!

  6. marinamartel

    I got this as one of my random imps, and it’s not at all what I would normally order for myself, but it smelled so unusual in the bottle that I had to actually try it first out of everything I ordered. It’s absolutely lovely; on me the white tea scent was strong and almost sweet, much like how I actually take my white tea. The ginger didn’t show up at all for me until later, and it was a pleasant undertone to the tea that made my nose tickle a little. This scent actually had decent throw on me (which is rare) and lasted for several hours, and it was very elegant and feminine. Definitely need a full bottle of this one.

  7. littlejackal

    Just like the beautiful maiden who turns into a fearsome demon, this scent starts out with the light and sweet notes of white tea and morphs into sharp ginger.

  8. Gloame

    Definitely sharp, at least wet. It feels very cool, but not minty. I would say this is an arctic fox. Wow, the ‘bite’ really sneaks up on you! As it dries down, it totally morphs -I still wouldn’t immediately think ‘white tea’ or ‘ginger’ when I smelled this but I can almost see it; like they come together to create this more, lemon-like astringence. I keep sniffing this one; I’m confused, but I think it’s good!

    Where I’d wear it: For Miracle Mornings

  9. asgardianwolf

    Beautifully sharp scent. The ginger is strong and alluring, with a slightly citrusy scent to it. You get the slightest hint of the tea as it dries. I applied it in the morning and it lasted all day. Love it!

  10. Jadeah

    so fresh. do you remember the scent of rose petals with little waterdrops on them? so floral, watery and clean. I love it. Dont know but I do feel the rose there. and citrus. I want full bottle of this. Amazing!

  11. Sarah

    Strong, sharp, fresh. I can’t smell much tea but I don’t mind, because the citrus-y ginger is making me so happy. Gets more earthy after a little while

  12. KatRampant

    Very citrus on application – like lemon zest. it settles into a pickled ginger smell, and the tea note only comes out as it is about to fade. It’s such a nice scent, I was sad when it faded utterly after a couple of hours.

  13. Margot

    Nice citrus

  14. Sakura Tsukikage

    This is my favorite BPAL scent, bar none! It was one of the first ones I tried, and I’m still just as in love with it as I was then. It’s so bright and fresh, it makes me feel clean and professional–but it’s not at all soapy or overly high-pitched to me. The ginger is bright and almost citrusy and not quite sharp, the tea is gorgeous and smoothing but also fresh and liquid. It’s such a simple scent, but it doesn’t feel simple at all. It’s bright, fresh, cool, invigorating, and rather elegant, and it’s a very beautiful scent.

    Still my favorite of all time!

  15. xaglow

    This is nice and light. I love the ginger in this one. When wet the ginger is almost citric sharp, but as this one dries it tones down to a very pleasant scent. Kumiho is also one of the rarer scents by BPAL that is cool. Very happy with this one.

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