Hell’s Belle Perfume Oil $6.75$28.00

Hell’s Belle Perfume Oil


Sweet, smokey and sensually wicked. A thick, steamy scent, truly sinister in its voluptuous sexuality. The perfume of a demon’s favored consort, or of the devil herself. Oleander with wet, sweet mandarin, lush magnolia, a rush of deep musk and a touch of spice.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Amara

    Ooooh baby – when I tried this imp, I couldn’t stop sniffing my wrists! Musky, slightly cinnamon-y, and also a little sweet. It’s heady & incense-like, but not cloying; I find it very sexy. After wearing for 2-3 hours, the scent was still warm and deep, but had lightened a bit and the white florals became slightly powdery. Usually powdery perfumes are a pass from me, but this is a great sort of powdery. Oddly, even though some of the other reviews mention the mandarin being very apparent, I could only get a minor hint from it. Either way, this is a fantastically seductive scent, and I think it’ll be my new go-to once the weather cools again!

  2. twopeople007

    I am FROOT.

    More seriously, the citrus smell here is both prominent and lovely. Offset nicely by the magnolia. A rich, wet scent. It took me a few minutes to warm up to it, but all in all is a classy, beautiful perfume.

  3. elisabeth.nettles

    Love this one so much. Got it as an imp and loved the smell. On me wet or dry it had a nice incense smell that I love. Can’t wait to get a larger bottle.

  4. teagrrs

    Smokey and spicy with a citrus bite thats more prominent when wet but fades to just a whisp as it dries. I’m not getting th floral, but I received as an imp so maybe as it ages the floral becomes less noticeable? Very nice though

  5. turtle70264

    I got this as an imp and I… wasn’t sure about it at first. Right out of the bottle, it smells very strongly of cinnamon on me. That fades pretty quickly though, and the florals start to come through and it feels more balanced. Still spicy, but not like a baking mishap. The name is apt. I feel like a demon queen playing at being human: dangerous, confident, perhaps a bit reckless and rakish. It suits my body chemistry perfectly.

  6. mjanefh

    Trying out an imp…may need to pick up a whole bottle! This is floral but girlie floral. It sophisticated grown woman sexy floral. The orange gives it a warm sweetness with a little kick of spice. This is my kind of Southen floral!

  7. ziggystardust13

    I adore this scent. This is a sexy southern belle in a bottle. Spicy, creamy magnolia with just the right amount of sweetness and musk. A favorite of mine for sure!

  8. lotuseaterarts

    A strong, sweet, floral when wet. Morphs during the dry down from magnolia to citrus notes to…almost a gardenia and verbena combo. Ambrosial, feminine, faintly bubblegummy.

  9. Gloame

    In my eternal quest for a magnolia blend, I ordered an imp of this with my Lupers.

    First sniff, it’s tangy and brighter than I expected, although not exactly a ‘bright’ scent. I think that I just have to accept that mandarin (or any orange note) just overwhelms everything else on me and I need to stop trying. I can barely detect some oleander underneath, but it’s mostly all orange to my nose.

    This isn’t my magnolia blend. 🙁

  10. travelistaa

    This is my absolute favorite scent, so heartbroken it’s been discontinued 🙁 It’s staying power is fantastic and the way it changes with your body’s scent throughout the day is amazing. Never too strong, but always a hint of something deliciously spicy. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, this was my signature scent!

  11. Zoē

    This was one of my first full sized BPAL bottles. Spicy, sweet, and just a little sinister. The discontinuation of this scent is heartbreaking.</3

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