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Medea Perfume Oil


Granddaughter of Helios, Hecate’s chosen: Medea was one of the greatest sorceresses of the ancient world. She is the embodiment of ruthless power, indomitable will and furious vengeance. Night-blooming cereus, black orchid, black currant and myrtle leaf enshrouded in the incense of Hecate’s cypress and myrrh, and the dark rage of magickal labdanum and intoxicating poppy.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. laura-1287


  2. lookingglass

    Wet this is very like a wet forest. The green woods, smokey labdanum. and the warm bite of myrrh evoke a magical, misty fresh, slightly fruity vibe. Drying out the currents emerge…dark plum colored muskiness. The floral notes makes this the true perfume that it is…heady and oriental…mysterious and dark while still very alive and fresh. So witchy! Love it…

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