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Coyote Perfume Oil


The Native American Creator / Trickster God of Chaos and Change.

The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Haley Mitria

    This was included as an imp in a previous order and I cannot explain how awesome it is! When I first sniffed it in the vial I wasn’t sure it was my speed; it smelled fresh, more like ocean? I tried it out and it does go on fresh, but after it dries down and mingles with my chemistry, it starts to shift on me. Initially I thought maybe it seemed too masculine on me, but I’ve gotten tons of compliments. It does get a sort of dusky softness to it, and after I’ve seat in it a bit, it shifts almost towards a patchouli, but in the best kind of way (I know some people have a bad automatic reaction to that due to years of bad patchouli wafting aggressively from shops and music festivals). It’s definitely highest in the rotation for me now!

  2. c-j-allison

    I was so sad to find that Coyote goes all funny on me 🙁 .

    It turns into quite an acrid amber scent with a bitter greenish note on my skin. I can detect a bit of a snuggly-pet-fur-warmed-by-the-sun note, which is so comforting, but ultimately it doesn’t work on me at all.

    I’m going to let my imp sit in the back of the dresser for a while and try it again, because the description and other reviews are all so appealing. Maybe it just needs more time to blend.

  3. MaggotParade

    I love this scent. It’s soft, woody amber. Warm and very comforting. Reminds me of a dry, desert summer, exactly as the name suugests. I’ll definitely wear it again, might even buy a big bottle.

  4. gildedeyes

    This was the scent I was most looking forward to in my order. I grew up in the Mojave and love desert smells. It smells complex and “perfume-y” to me in the vial (maybe the amber?). But when I put it on my skin, it turns into straight, flat sandalwood.

    I tried putting a little in my hair to see if it would stay truer, and it absolutely does. This scent is beautiful. I smell fine dust, earthy and dry. Desert grasses in the sun. It smells like wilderness and open sky. It is very natural and I could believe I didn’t have a perfume on at all. I think the fur smell (musk?) blends with my hair and makes it smell like I’ve just been out in the sun. Something in it reminds me of the way my hair smells a few days after a campfire, when it’s not smoky anymore, but still… outdoorsy.

    There’s almost no throw, so I have to keep sniffing my hair to catch it. Adding more just makes it last longer. A very personal scent. My favourite so far.

  5. Gloame

    This smells so beautiful, but disappears really quickly on me! I’m going to keep the imp and try again in a few months because I’m really hopeful. It’s soft, warm, dry, a bit dusty, a bit spicy. Just a really beautiful, homey but romantic blend.

  6. Kristin

    Soft, dry, and dusty. The doeskin peeks through more on drydown than when wet, and smells soft and leathery. Unfortunately this goes a bit play-doh on me as it dries and I don’t know why. I’m hoping with age that scent will go away.

  7. Emma

    I get strong and sweet cigar from this immediately out of the bottle, and although I don’t like the smell of cigars at all, this isn’t at all off-putting.

  8. deadpanriot

    This is the scent of my childhood.

    The smell of sun-warmed, clean dog fur on a soft summer day. The subtle background scent of the field grass that grows at the edge of the pine trees (that separate the yard from the field next door.) My grandmother’s favorite perfume from Estee Lauder. This scent is so incredibly nostalgic for me it brings a high of sweet, pure bliss and an old, aching wave of sorrow that pulls me back down.

    In the bottle: It was very strong, very “perfume-y.” Read almost masculine to me, like a cologne.

    As it first blended and warmed on my skin: The harsh ‘cologne’ smell faded and was replaced by a scent that instantly reminded of dog fur; of all the times I’d stuck my face into the neck of my mother’s Siberian husky growing up. That unique dog smell that’s part musk, part fur, and part flora dust from the summer dried grass patch they’d just been rolling in.

    As it settled: A more perfumed scent came through, but this was less cologne more expensive ladies’ perfume. It smelled exactly like my grandmother’s perfume, something I haven’t smelled in over a decade. The undertones were of her yard- the fields out back, the pines and other assorted trees, the tall wild grasses that bordered her property.

    At the end of the day: I’d gone mostly nose blind to it at this point, but I’d catch whiffs of something that reminded me of her bathroom: the perfume, the complimentary soaps and powders and potpourri, with that undertone of warm fur.

    Longevity: This lasted easily 12 hours on me.

    Throw: Despite how well I could smell this on myself it didn’t seem to be something that was overly noticeable by others.

    This is definitely one I’ll eventually buy a full thing of. The way it interacts with day to day smells (like fresh brewed coffee, or wood, or warm car smell) brings back bits and pieces of a childhood I wouldn’t trade for anything. I bought it the first time because the description of the scent intrigued me. I’ll buy it again because the actual scent, on me, is so utterly personal.

  9. riddleve

    It’s lovely, an absolutely gorgeous take on amber, but very close to the skin. It’s very, very subtle, a nice and pleasant golden spice with a tiny bit of grass-smoke and a lilt of booze (the boozey note is the first to evaporate off, and it’s a very pleasant and light one, not anything too heavy). If you’re looking for something that makes you smell like you’re not wearing a scent, this would be a good choice.

  10. Jamie

    Honestly one of my favorite scents. A must-have if you’re fond of amber scents. It’s similar to Antikythera Mechanism, though more of a warm amber rather than being brassy.

  11. heychrisk

    My go-to scent. Balanced and faint but beautiful. The magical thing about this fragrance is that, because of its subtlety, people often assume that I just naturally smell nice. If I put this on, it seems to others like an organic part of me; they don’t even realize I’m wearing a fragrance.

  12. Empornium

    First Application: Boozy and amber colored, like a good whaft of brandy laden with oak and vanilla.

    5-10 Minutes: Amber.

    10-20 Minutes: More Amber. A TINY hint of doeskin. Hope it warms more in a few hours.

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