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Black Rose Perfume Oil


Exquisitely melancholy. The background scent to an ancient exequies. Heavy, dark and floral: a blend of roses, with a touch of amber and musk.

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Rappaccini’s Garden

Ascending to his chamber, he seated himself near the window, but within the shadow thrown by the depth of the wall, so that he could look down into the garden with little risk of being discovered. All beneath his eye was a solitude. The strange plants were basking in the sunshine, and now and then nodding gently to one another, as if in acknowledgment of sympathy and kindred.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

It goes without saying that the Rappaccini’s Garden and Apiary scents do not truly contain poisonous plant materials. Artistic license, my friend. Artistic license.


  1. yutori19

    Sadly I’m realizing that rose disappears on me – so I am left with a deeply vegetal scent, like crushed grass. The bit of amber and musk pale in comparison to the vegetal note, as they were meant to enchance the rose. Basically my skin messes up the balance here – I’m sure it will be very lovely on those who can carry rose successfully!

  2. stephaniesherm2

    Beth has an expert nose for roses, and this is no exception. It is absolutely one of the best GC rose scents that BPAL offers. It is very rose-heavy, but the amber and musk make it darker, more mysterious, and yeah, more sexy. It isn’t a grandma-type rose/floral, it is a night out on the town floral that is understated and very sensual. If you love roses or darker florals, this is a must-have in any BPAL collection.

  3. Elizabeth

    Definitely getting a full size when it is back in stock. Most BPAL roses smell powdery and even old lady-ish to me, but this is a demonic rose! I feel very dark and vampy with this.

  4. Hellokoi

    Smells like an elegant rose perfume made into a dusting powder.

  5. Ashley

    I really wanted to like this, but it just isn’t my favorite. It isn’t horrible smelling, but it just doesn’t make me feel sexy or like I want to smell it more. It is odd because I really love floral scents and musky scents, but I guess I don’t like them together! Or maybe it is just this blend…

  6. xaglow

    As rose scents goes this one is a little powdery. It is very dark and heavy. I’m not sure if the amber and musk are adding to this, but whatever the case I’m not a huge fan of this one.

  7. lynsey.curtner

    Very deep and heavy. If you’re looking for something dark and beautiful, this is what you want!

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