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Hecate Perfume Oil


Magnificent three-faced Goddess of Magic, the Dark Moon and the Crossroads. She is the Mother of Witches, and the midnight baying of hounds is her paean. Her compassion is evidenced in her role as Psychopomp for Persephone, and her wrath manifests as Medea’s revenge.

Deep, buttery almond layered over myrrh and dark musk.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. cmloos11

    Hekate is my favorite goddess and a goddess I plan to work with once I get a place of mine own so I was obligated to buy this. When I first applied this earlier this year (or late last year, I don’t really remember), I smelled like delicious almond paste, but I’m not a fan of gourmand scents very much so I was a little worried. My fears were unfounded.

    After a while, the myrrh and musk came into the mix and blended beautifully with the almond, leaving me with a scent that was incredible. This scent is beautiful and really fits the goddess Hekate. I definitely plan on buying a full bottle.

  2. lookingglass

    I wore this scent a lot years ago when my teens were babies. It’s sweet and gentle, yet incensey with, depth. It reminds me of making almond cake, babies in the backpack looking on, while having incense burning. I think I need another bottle. <3

  3. Ari

    Just what I want the mother of witches to smell like! My nose is happy! The almond is blended so perfectly with the myrrh! And the musk comes in later, like a wonderful shadow. I get a beautilly dark, resinous thing after I wear it for a bit. I dig it! At first I was wondering if it would end up being a little foodie, but no way…it turns into one of the most amazingly magical scents I have ever experienced. One of my new favorites! )O(

  4. PeacockBluey

    In the imp, I get the same rich all-almond-all-the-time scent that the other reviewer noted. VERY, very almondy and foody, though more on the golden and sensual end of the almond spectrum, rather than light and simply sweet–more Seraglio than Dana O’Shee.
    But on my skin, this quickly becomes evolves, as the almond retreats and the dark musk and myrrh come out to play. The end result is not a foody one for me. Instead, it’s dark, complex, deep, spicy incense, with the three notes blending together pretty seamlessly into a sleek, elegant, womanly perfume. It actually smells like what I’d HOPED Salome would smell like on me (it definitely didn’t), so I’m pretty delighted. Your mileage obviously may vary, but for me, it’s well balanced between the gourmand note, the resin, and the musk, sexy but powerful. I feel like Maleficent would smell like this.

  5. VetchVespers

    I was disappointed with this one because I was wanting something dark and incensey. This is not.

    Wet, the almond is very strong, and it has a heady, foodie, almost bubblegum smell. On me, it stays pretty true to the bottle, it just lightens with time & lasts about 4 hours. I’ve had the imp about a year, and I do think the smell has gotten richer with age.

    If you like foodie smells but want something more on the grown up side, you might try this.

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