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Qandisa Perfume Oil


The Moroccan Goddess of Carnal Desire. Dwelling in fresh-water springs and rivers, she is doom: her embrace drives men mad with mindless lust. Sacrifices are made to the Lady of Lust on the Summer Solstice in the hopes of placating her passions and driving her red-tinged gaze away. Black musk, blackened saffron, lemon peel, and vetiver draped over thick honey.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. zgravesschool

    god i love this. got it as a frimp that spilled a single drop smaller than a pinhead on my wrist, and i, a grown man, now feel like Amanda Lepore. this has to be what the potion of eternal life from death becomes her must smell like. it smells almost like a mix of RuPaul’s glamazon, with the incense from exodus 20:34-36 in a 2:1 ratio. I smell extremely sacred in a deeply profane way. my only complaint is that my package arrived on a Wednesday, when all the clubs are closed, because i ought be exploiting every drop of this potion to collect sugar daddies. it feels like a sin and injustice that to go through life wearing anything at all except pearls and BPAL Qandisa

  2. Emily Stamets

    Okay. So you’re traveling. And you meet someone cute. And they take you home for satisfying, sweaty afternoon sex.

    Take that feeling, and pour it over vanilla bean ice cream. BAM: Qandisa.

    Red. Spice and warmth and wanting with a base of nostalgic sweetness.

  3. Jae

    This is passionate and sensual. Reminds me of the botanica store but softer and sweeter.

  4. Amanda

    I layered this with Peacock Queen today. I smell exotic & sensual & a touch dangerous.

  5. lookingglass

    Qandisa gets two eyerolls of ecstasy in this house (from me aaaand my partner! PLUS!). I am NOT a lemon lover, not even a lemon LIKER, but DO go for all things smelling dark and honey dripping. This instantly reminds me of a Variety of Pleasing Amusements, but with a bit more lift. The vetiver is prominent right out of the bottle, but the drydown is all about the saffron honey. Have you ever made yourself the healing syrup with buckwheat or dark wildflower honey and a ton of cinnamon? The heart of the scent is like that, but with saffron instead of cinnamon…dripping on a heaving bosom! :yum: Sometimes black musk can be lemony on its own, but truly…I’m not getting ANY lemon (thank the STARS!), just a deep, fresh, animalic, unisex musk. MERCY this is GOOD! It’s a sticky, rich, musky oriental, baby 😈 …dark, slightly foody…like the bakery section of the international market, right next to the incense… oh, so divinely SEXY… one of those that just becomes a PART of me. DE-freakin’-LICIOUS! If you know you are my scent twin or love the likes of Snake Oil, Old Demons of the First Class, and the Other Miss Forcible, just getcha self some of THIS! I’m SO glad this is GC. Top o’the BIG BOTTLE list for THIS BPALista!

  6. Hellokoi

    Honey notes can sometimes smell sour and reminiscent of urine to me, and I get that here, unfortunately, mixed in with ashy vetiver and powdery black musk.

  7. [email protected]

    I recently received a frimp of this in my latest order, much to my pleasure. Ah, vetiver, how I love thee… This is a truly lush and exotic blend with the vetiver bringing down the richness of the honey and musk into a throb. Though the sillage is light to medium, it has serious lasting power, going through a full day of work, plus a long workout and is still on the skin later in the evening. Recommended for those looking for something long lasting and sensual without the scent being overwhelming.

  8. amandamarie

    I started out not enjoying this scent too much, but within 30mins it smelled amazing and I couldn’t stop planting my nose against my wrist. It’s dark and heavy; it reminds me of incense (specifically nag champa which is one of the greatest scents in the world) – this was a definite win in my books.

  9. jasmindreams2010

    This starts out sort of clingy, a subtle draping scent. It grows bolder as it sits on the skin. Vetiver loves me, and it’s coming out strongly here. The notes compliment each other here, the vetiver behaving smokily, wrapped in sultry musk, emboldened by lemon, sweetened by honey. I can indeed see men going mad over this scent. But, vetiver haters be warned! The vetiver is the star player here. This is simple, dusky, sultry. I Loooorrve it. I gave it 4 out of 5, because I think a little floral twist would have added something to feminize it. But, it’s really unique, you’ll stand out wearing this one.

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