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Tlazolteotl Perfume Oil


It is the lady of midnight and she has arrived! She of Two Faces, She Who Eats Filth, the Death Caused by Lust – Tlazolteotl – is the Aztec goddess of the regenerative function of the earth, human sexuality, and fertility. She represents the active female principle in the eternal cycle of life feeding death and death feeding life. Her arms, dressed in flayed skins, embrace mirrored principles of sin and  purification: she inspires lust, depravity, overindulgence, vice, lechery, and licentiousness, and is also empowered to cleanse and forgive moral, spiritual, and fleshly sins. Her scent is a melding of her symbols and offerings: chapapote and black copal with cacao, black honey, maize, and cotton blossoms.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. SkunkedPunk

    I made a loaf of banana bread with dark chocolate chips and a peanut butter glaze on top and as I was slicing it up to freeze the leftovers, it smelled oddly similar to this perfume! I first acquired this as a frimp and fell in love with the complexity and mystery and bought a full bottle in my next purchase. It smells like chocolatey corn to me which may be off-putting to some but it finds a way to bring out the best in each other. The maize note mixed with all the sweetly smelling ones gives it robust nutty fragrance, bringing it back around to my banana bread! The bittersweet chocolate chips, the sweet nutty peanut butter glaze, even the scent of the banana contributed to it smelling a bit corny. So this perfume smells like eating a slice of chocolatey, peanut buttery banana bread in a wet, dirty field that’s dotted with cotton blossoms. Sounds like a lovely picnic to me, and this perfume is just as lovely. This is my go-to Special Smell perfume, makes me feel just as complex and mysterious as this smells. Really wished it lasted longer but maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not distracted by huffing myself all day.

  2. jazminvergara1946

    Aztec mythology is rich and fascinating so I was eager to try this scent interpretation of the dual nature of the captor and sacrificial victim goddess. Got the imp, and… hated it. Sat untouched in my drawer for nearly 3 years. One day on a whim, I got it out, took a whiff and immediately found myself taken with it. Like others, I found myself going back to smell it again and again.

    Smells so intoxicating! Fresh and clean. Earthy, dark, and while I don’t know how chapapote smells like, the copal is a lovely clean note that is most prominent. The sweetness lends to the black honey and cotton blossom, which add a pleasant sweet floral lift. When smelling straight from the imp, there is an unmistakable cacao note, alongside the maize, which became stronger as it sat.

    Just wish it was longer lasting, as it seems to disappear within less than a few hours.

  3. lookingglass

    There are nice little blobs of cacao in the oil-the real deal. Wet, this is dark and incensey, I’d guess chocolate and vetiver, but with a flash of astringency from the tar. The tar note reminds me of hard, black leather, a bit chemically, and a whole lotta badass. It quickly becomes sweeter and fresh cotton blossom really comes forward for a bit, reminding me of the ozone zing of Midnight on the Midway. The sticky, glowing, honeyed resins, though, are all melty, speckled with fire and shadow. The vertiver softens and plays a supportive role to the overally mellow, fleshy feel in the drydown.

    This scent is definitely not playing around, but it’s very “wearable”: It sits close to the skin and has distinct layers: a fresh, but weird topnote, sweetened blossoms, and a rich, deep base. It would be a good transition scent for someone who wears normey frags like Angel or Muse.

    I love complex gourmands, and this is a goodie. I think she’s Kali’s and Qandisa’s vicious soul sister. Thanks for the frimp, Labbies! I found a new fave!

  4. Sarah

    My first impression was “dirt and chocolate,” which sounds at first unappealing, but in reality, it smells like a garden or jungle. Dry, it becomes a little lighter and more flowery. It feels very Central American, I like it!

  5. Nataliya Vladimirovna

    I find this scent quite extraordinary. I can’t even determine what notes I smell exactly. For sure I feel maize, perhaps some honey, cocoa and chapapote, some green plant, but… The more exact and correct answer would be: “sexuality”. For first 10-15 minutes it smells like all these I’ve already mentioned, then the sexual part starts. You don’t smell it like a regular scent, it’s a complicated mixture the smell of which you can’t really determine. The “sexual” part smells like nothing and everything at the same time. The smell becomes less strong and turns into something completely intimate and animalistic.
    I enjoyed the fragrance but I’m not really sure it’s my cup of tea. I guess it is perfect for some gothic parties and very private meetings. For casual everyday wearing this perfume is too special and too aggressively lustful.

  6. Velvet Lilly

    This is an incredible, complex and sophisticated scent.
    I get the chocolate and the wet pitch first, but not “tarry” at all, just a really interesting, base note of darkness followed quickly by the warm of the copal and maize that together, round this into what starts as an intriguing earthy scent, then elevates itself into a very elegant, luxe, encompassing blend.

  7. BardicBird

    Quite honestly the most divisive scent I’ve come across, and frankly even in my OWN head it causes a 50/50 split between ‘NO, get that AWAY from me!’ to ‘there… IS a certain something kinda amazing there’ running each time I smell it. Sometimes the chocolate hits first and all is lovely in the world if a bit dark around the edges, while other times it seems built on smoke from burning corn stalks and singed honeycomb which push you away while still trying to grab you by the nose. It’s unpleasantly pleasant. It’s endlessly swaying between pulling you in while kicking you away. I received this as an unordered imp, not a planned purchase in a gift box from my spousal unit and I still can’t decide if I would ever buy/need another bottle. It’s just not me… and yet I can’t seem to stop tugging off the stopper and breathing it in, trying to figure it out. I suppose… if you are wanting to cause the people around you to do the same, to find you slightly offputting and unnerving while still unable to stop following you about the room with their eyes and watching you sway to your own beat – might actually be your jam. As for me? I just… don’t know.

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