Athens Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Athens Perfume Oil


A reformulation and modernization of a true Classical Greek perfume, myrrhine: voluptuous myrrh, golden honey, red wine, and sweet flowers.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. gfeltovich

    Deep, golden honey and sweet, rich wine. The myrrh softens it a little and takes the edge off the wine. Overall, it’s a little too much for me, but if you like dramatic scents and honey, and if you want to smell like a Greek god, definitely try this one.

  2. wilsonjessie499

    Inside the imp, it’s a heavy sweet wine. On the skin, it changed to a rich scented honey, but there’s also something fruity, it might be the myrrh…. it’s definitely the myrrh.

  3. Elizabeth WOlfe

    First few minutes, HONEY.
    Now after half an hour, it’s honey and something spicy. It reminds of charoset, a dish of apples honey and red wine.

    Oh I *like* this.

  4. painless

    Boozy, voluptuous honey. Embracing your lover on a sticky hot summer day.
    AMAZING layered with Bloodlust.

  5. Rosalyn

    This smells like honey and summer on an island to me. Not a dry summer day, but something alive and a bit floral. The honey note I this really works for my skin.

  6. Faith

    In the imp it smells like a cask of aged golden mead, but on my skin it unfortunately transforms straight into baby powder.

  7. Hellokoi

    Tons of realistic, golden honey with a hint of boozy, rotting fruit scent from the wine and a sweet, light layer of florals.

  8. Meghan

    I give this 4 out of 5 stars only because there is only so much I can take at a time. Athens is honey. Sweet, rich, dark honey. And at first, it’s absolutely wonderful. However, on one occasion, I used a honey-scented soap in the shower, then rubbed in Athens on pulse points, decolletage, and underarms. But after a couple of hours, I’d get a whiff of something sweet, but “off.” Finally figured out it was me. Not sure if there is such thing as too much honey, but this will do it. I recommend using a small amount after an evening bath/shower before bed. The calming honey is perfect, and by the time you wake, you’ll hardly smell it.

  9. [email protected]

    I just purchased an imp of this. On me, this seems gold, green and in a strange way a foody floral.

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