Lady Macbeth Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Lady Macbeth Perfume Oil


The essence of ambition, covetousness and manipulation: sweet Bordeaux wine, blood red currant, thyme and wild berries.

The Shakespearean Collection.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s olfactory paean to the characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. ksnaum

    Lady Macbeth (Shakespeare series)
    Before even opening my imp, I can already sniff an invitation to sneak into a hidden candy shop. “Try some ripened berry lollipops and cotton candies with a twist!” it whispers. What treacly treasures does Lady Macbeth have to offer?
    This perfume from now on will be layered: false candy promise is replaced by sweet wine confiture and then…a twist!
    Red and black currant, blueberries and cherries boiled with brown sugar and red wine.
    A warm home-made jam that can cure any cold and flu….forever. Comforting yet dangerous. Too good to be true, too sweet to be safe. The scent of young blood, adventurous spirit and daring charisma. Swollen, juicy berries and wine create the first ambitious¬† impression after I applied the perfume to my skin. They seductively whisper to all five senseses, masking seriousness and witty courage of thyme. Beauty and brain – a femme fatale combination. As the skin and fragrance work their spell, thyme starts coming out as a “twist” kept hidden until now. It makes the aroma not so sticky and mawkish, but refined and elegant. As I smell the spot of fragrance on my wrist, I feel berries in the centre and thyme gravitating towards the edges, where bare skin borders with the oil. Oh thyme! I knew your look, your taste and smell since I was a child, you are the most familiar and dear to every cup of tea I make. The next I know – I’ll try to reproduce the berry jam with Bordeaux and thyme, as I want to eat this delicious perfume.
    “Lady Macbeth”, like any lady, adores garments and will stay longer on your clothes. A drop fell on my shirt and the scent stayed until I did laundry. The oil has a yellow shade and may leave a stain, so I would recommend to apply it to a piece of cotton and wear in a locket, a vessel or a little necklace bag.

  2. reversedinindigo

    The red wine smell is very obvious in this. When it first hit skin I picked up rich fermented berries, and it settled to a fragrance that reminded me of fruit compote and honey. Not sure it suited me but could be good for someone who likes their fruit crumble with less sugar!

  3. lzrdgrl13

    When I first got this the scent was very much a Big Red wine (i.e. Zinfandel, Cabernet, Malbec) and I loved it. It was dark red and sexy and I felt like a goth princess when I wore it. Though I should note it faded very quickly: 3 hrs on my skin, max. Despite it’s delicious beginnings, over time it has become overly sweet and extremely medicinal and everyone says it smells like cough syrup. No more heavy red sex: now it’s a sick child. There was never any thyme or earthiness and I think that’s what it needs. I used to wear it layered with a single note, earthy, chocolate lotion and that deepened the scent profile and gave it some legs to stand on. Now it’s too sweet for me to even try anymore. Maybe if I got a chocolate scent and mixed it that would help, but currently this resides in my perfume graveyard drawer.

  4. bloodunderrazor

    This is my mom’s favorite bpal scent. She loves it. Wine and sweet berries.

  5. carlos

    POW!! Candy! Fruity, berry candy! The heavily scented grape Bubble-Yum of my youth. The hint of red wine only comes after a few minutes. This reminded me of when you decant and aerate a bottle of red and swish that first sip in your mouth to appreciate the bouquet. The sweetness never quite leaves and I never really got even a hint of the earthiness of thyme.

  6. Ravenhierst

    I love this scent. Very berry smelling. It’s very strong at first, but after a while it mellows.

  7. Nuri

    I got the imp of Lady Macbeth. The current, thyme and berries give it a surprisingly fruity affect. My first thought was of s pixie stick. A fruity candy smell. It reads young to me which may be just what you are looking for but it wasn’t my cup of tea

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