Othello Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Othello Perfume Oil


Arabian musk with two roses and a bevy of Middle Eastern and Indian spices.

The Shakespearean Collection.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s olfactory paean to the characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Kristin

    Othello is mostly a rose scent, but the spices keep it from being boring and one-note. It may not be my absolute favorite BPAL rose scent, but I enjoy it, and it’s different enough for it to have a place in my imp collection, though not my big bottle collection.

  2. lani057bp

    Oh, Othello, how you bewilder me so. Out of the bottle, you’re overwhelmingly pungent with an immediate soapy quality. At first whiff, I promptly turned away discarding the thought of you. That was unfair of me though, not to give you a proper chance; so I did. Surprisingly, on my skin you mellow out and become quite soft and velvety. Still, there is something in you that I just cannot embrace. Your mellow side still exudes soapy, albeit soft and velvety, roses.

  3. [email protected]

    I get a bright, clean, slightly piquant scent from this. There is something distinctly watery, like a men’s cologne. On me, the roses blend into the background and it’s just a bright, clean scent with unisex appeal. I’d certainly order an imp and possibly even a bottle in the future.

  4. Nuri

    Othello and I have a love hate relationship. I’ve opened the bottle and hated it and then a few days later opened it and loved it. The variable is me so I guess it depends on my mood. I think it is the rose, it either comes across classic or oppressive almost “churchy”. I think if you love a big velvety rose that has some depth you will like Othello.

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