Tamora Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Tamora Perfume Oil


Amber, heliotrope, golden sandalwood, peach blossom and vanilla bean.

The Shakespearean Collection.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s olfactory paean to the characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lindsay Cross

    I am SO obsessed with this scent. It’s sweet and spicy without smelling artificial and I would LITERALLY buy this in everything if I could. Lotion, sprays, body wash— I would do a lot to get this in other forms, it is THAT good.

    HIGHLY recommend 🙂

  2. c.sausa0526

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I received as a frimp, and I’m glad I did. It goes on very peachy with vanilla and amber notes in the background. I literally can’t stop smelling my wrists. It’s such a lovely summery, sweet, delicious scent. Now I need to put it on my wishlist for a full size in the future….

  3. Stephanie

    It smells like warm peaches on me upon initial application and then mellows into pure vanilla.
    This is something I’d wear as a summery daily oil.

  4. Jae

    Cool, powdery, exotic.

  5. artimisia

    This one is lovely. Upon first application I found the amber and sandalwood to be very strong. However, they quickly settle down and the other notes come out to play. On me, each of the pieces have their part to play. The peach carries the scent with just a ghosting of heliotrope to flower it up. The amber and vanilla provide the backdrop along with the sandalwood. The overall impression is of a creamy peach scent against a backdrop of incensey amber. It’s lovely.

  6. Teamama67

    Perfectly balanced. Warm amber, light sandalwood, delicate heliotrope & peach blossom, & vanilla. Tamora ties resin, wood, flowers & vanilla together in a deeply, sweetly satisfying way.

  7. aphrodite

    I was scrolling through the site and my eyes bugged when I saw the average review for Tamora wasn’t super high. This is one of my absolute favorite general catalog scents. I’ve never owned a bottle because it’s one of those scents that finds its way to me in imp form on a regular basis, so I think it’s fair to say I have had it fresh and aged to varying degrees on an equal basis. It’s the kind of scent that’s well-blended enough that it’s easier to describe visually; I would say it’s a glowing, pulsating golden-red, like a proud queen with flaming hair, bedecked in jewels at sunrise. It is peachy rather than peach blossomy, but not at all cloying. And the amber and vanilla bean are heavily present, while the sandalwood and heliotrope simply keep it rooted. It’s beautiful, powerful, and sensual, and an all-occasion kind of scent.

  8. Gloame

    Smells vanilla-y, but I’d hoped for more peach and amber. It’s a very light scent. Would probably wear well for work.

  9. Nuri

    When I first unwrapped my purchase and sniffed all my bottle and imps I recoiled from Tamora which upset me because it seamed like it would be my kind of scent. After siting down with it on my own for a while I can say its not bad but not my favorite Bpal. I’m getting peach instead of peach blossom and vanilla and amber but the heliotrope and sandalwood aren’t really there for me which is a shame because I think they would tie the whole thing together. It may just be my skin. This could smell divine with another person’s body chemistry

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