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Yorick Perfume Oil


Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now?

Grave dirt, bone, decay, angel’s trumpet, and moldering scraps of shroud: the essence of finality.

The Shakespearean Collection.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s olfactory paean to the characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. yakubec.jl

    Lovely, I smell of a mausoleum!

  2. suntannedcactus147

    I went antiquing today and came home to find my first BPAL order came in! I excitedly opened up this guy (I got the imp) and… it smells like I never left the antique store. Lol. In an amazing way, though! It reminds me of old books, or an empty bottle of Coke… like a glass bottle that someone threw out without rinsing, and the cola smell is still lingering a bit. It’s absolutely lovely. I would recommend this 100%.

  3. c.morelock35

    smells musky and kind of like opening a closet full of winter coats that havent been worn in a while. has a bit of an underlying dirt smell as well. really lovely. unfortunately when opening the imp of this one, i dropped it, and am now covered in 80% of it, as is my chair. so sadly probably only have a few more wears of this one. but at least now my furniture smells amazing.

  4. gaia.earth24

    Smells like someone dug up a centuries old body, took the clothes off the skeleton, and stored them in an attic for a couple years. I love this scent. Out of the bottle is smells like straight up dirt and mildew (pleasantly). On my skin it mellows out of little and almost smells like bananas. I’m quite pleased with it. After a couple hours of wear the dirt and mildew smell fades to a more pleasant almost spicy floral scent. Florals go soapy on me but this doesn’t thankfully. I don’t know how often I’ll wear it since it is such a unique scent but I’m more than thrilled to have it in my collection.

  5. riddleve

    First of all, they’re not exaggerating when they say it smells like dirt. If you don’t want to smell literally like soil, probably give this one a miss. It’s a nice smell, in my opinion; it doesn’t make me think of bones dug up, per se, but more dry soil at night–maybe a cold autumn night when it hadn’t rained in a while, probably before the first frost–definitely in the moonlight, and quite probably in a graveyard. It’s also a complex kind of dirt smell–there’s all kinds of smells going on in there. I wouldn’t even be able to begin to unpack it, at least not after only trying it once (so far. def will be trying it again). There’s some mildew, pale pale whiff of flower, and something… old. Dusty. I really love the way this smells, but it’s not something you could wear just anywhere. Or, uh, most places, honestly. Especially because it’s fairly strong. Definitely not a work scent, definitely not a club/party scent… I’d highly recommend this as a scent just for Halloween or LARPing but it’d also be good if you’re going out and you want to complete your Gothic Undead look. It also has kind of an old-book smell that wouldn’t be out of place in the bookstore or library, and the soil smell would probably be quite nice at a picnic or something outdoorsy like that. It’s a very niche scent is what I mean to say, but it does that niche fantastically.

  6. Gloame

    Smells like peat moss. Love it in the garden, less so on me.

  7. Hellokoi

    Yorick smells like a frosted gingerbread cookie, trampled thoroughly into brown soil (with some crunchy, dry leaves), with a creamy, tropical flower thrown on top to mark its grave. After a half hour, the spice is more like a sharp cinnamon.

  8. Anninyn

    In bottle: Dusty Musty Musky, like old uncared for houses and damp-ruined books.

    Wet on skin: The same dusty smell, becomes dryer, with a distant background of incense.

    Dry on Skin: This smells exactly like… old decay, to me. Not fresh decay, but old. Abandoned houses and dead leaves. It smells like wandering around the post-apocalypse, long after the fighting and dying has died down.

    I love it. All dry and papery and dessicated and dusty. I definitely get a slightly fungi-ish smell off it, too.

    I smell dead, but in a good way.

  9. TarynPage

    This scent reminds me of rotting wood. I feel like any mysterious antique shop smells just like this. It’s a lot more funky-smelling in the imp, but I like that edge to it. My parents had an old sailboat that would never actually float, and this scent completely reminds me of going underneath to bail out the water.

    In the vial: Rot, wood, mildew, flowers

    On *my* skin: Wet wood, sweet flowers, pine shavings, wet cloth

  10. deathcandy

    Oh wow. I was not expecting this!

    On opening, it smells deeply of rotting or mildewy clothes and dug dirt.. but sweet.

    Wet on skin, it reminds me very much of winter gardening and old clothes.

    Dry on skin, it becomes quite light with the lingering smell of grave-dirt and a very faint spice.

    Purchased for a LRP characters signature scent – It works perfectly.

  11. Teamama67

    In the imp: Eurgh. I get mildew, or a moldy orange.

    Wet on my skin & Drydown: Wood, and dirt, and spice. Sweet. Reminds me of playing in the garden in the summer.

    Dry: Wood, anise, and a pale pale hint of dirt.

    This is going on my wish list. I would never have thought that from the first whiff of the imp!

  12. KaidaJekri

    On me this smells sweet and strangely pleasant. Unexpected.

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