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Cheshire Cat Perfume Oil


Grapefruit, red currant, dark musk, Roman chamomile, delphinium, and lavender.

alice_artMad Tea Party
The Dodgson Collection.

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice’s sojourns to Wonderland.

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.


  1. minikadomi

    Cold and little bitter… grapefruit and mint are the most prominent on my skin.

  2. Marina Hazeltree

    When I smelled this scent in the bottle I wasn’t the biggest fan, it smelled like fruit cake. However, when I put it on it completely transformed and I love it! It smells fruity and powdery in the best way possible. It also perfectly encapsulates the esoteric and zany nature of the Cheshire Cat!

  3. sstrwbrymlkk

    absolutely enchanting. great hints of fruit and playful undertones.

  4. ahlia5566

    This is so beautiful. It reminds me of the mainstream Maison Francis Kurkdjian Petit Matin!

  5. olgaleshchova

    I received my order for the Cheshire Cat perfume oil this morning, and I absolutely love it.

    The only reason I didn’t write this perfume oil the full five stars is because, the scent is a little overwhelming in the bottle. But when applied to my skin, it’s a different story.

    When smelling the Cheshire cut perfume oil straight out of the bottle I get the sense of current and dark Musk. I’m not entirely sure about how I feel with just those two sense mixing together.

    However, once applied to the skin, I can still smell the scent of currents but the Musk trails away, and is replaced with the grapefruit note.

    The best way to describe the perfume scent, is that of a fruit marmalade candy, mixed with some sort of earthy freshness. I’m guessing that would be from the lavender.

    As the perfume wears down, it starts to become even sweeter. Kind of like a naturally fruity scent top with a bit of sugar just to accentuate the sweetness even further.

    The grapefruit note is the one that is the most long-lasting in this fragrance, on my skin.

    Overall, I think Cheshire Cat is a beautiful perfume scent that would be lovely when, especially worn in the spring and summer months.

    I’m eager to see how Cheshire Cat will change over time ?

  6. mjanefh

    I got this imp from a friend of mine. The first thing that hit me was the citrus sent mixed with an almost orange blossom. On me, that fades rather quickly. Like within an hour. After that I’m left with soft floral notes. I can definitely smell the lavender. It’s not something I’d typically wear but I’m pleased to try it out. It’s good with my chemistry and not as overpowering as other BPAL sents on me. A good everyday office sent.

  7. josefinstjernqvist

    The first time I got to smell this one I fell in love with it. Still one of my all time favourites! In the bottle it smells citrusy, sweet and it’s rather sharp but has a soft undertone of what I think is lavender. On the skin it smells like grapefruit, but now it has gone a bit floral as well so it’s not as sharp anymore. The lavender is nowhere to be found on me. Still a sweet, fresh scent.

  8. lotuseaterarts

    Bright citrus scent while wet..drys down to reveal more delicate notes.
    I paired this one with Magus on my arm…really lovely, uplifting combo.
    Lots of good, happy terpenes here.

  9. Hellokoi

    Tart, juicy, true grapefruit. Sometimes I can pick out a hint of red currant berries or cool lavender, but it’s mostly grapefruit.

  10. Gloame

    This is quite pretty and a little bit crazy smelling. It’s soft and harmonizing, but as you inhale deeper, there’s a little bit of tart craziness in the grapefruit and musk. Very lovely!

  11. [email protected]

    I received a frimp of this in a recent purchase. It is a lavender blend with green herbal notes. It is very fresh and clean. Though not exactly my thing, I gave it to a friend who immediately put it on and had a smile on her face.

  12. woodenmango

    Out ov the vial, very citrusy and abit herbal too. As it dries on my it gets softer and the chamomiles comes out as do the other florals, it gets sweeter too. I do agree with the other poster that there is something reminicent of clean, fresh cat litter but only as a background scent. I think it’s because it is a very clean scent. It is quite strong I put just a dab on the crook of my elbow and I can get whiffs of it with my arm outstretched. It’s a very nice smell but not necessarily my thing. (I tend to like either very sweet smells, or musky/spicey/woody smells. Not usually into florals.)

  13. Jade

    An interesting one. “Curious,” if you will.

    Opening the bottle to sniff, it smells sharp and citrusy.

    Used sparingly (before I open it, I flip the bottle once, and dab just the residue from around the lip of the vial), it smells sweet and powdery (not like baby powder. More kitty powdery…I mean this in a good way…maybe some cat owners will know what I’m talking about) with just a hint of the sharper floral scents.

    If I cup the open bottle against my wrist and then tip it, the full blown scent is very floral and the soft, sweet powdery scent is gone.

    I recommend using this one sparingly, as it’s very strong otherwise.

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