Lion Perfume Oil $4.60$19.75

Lion Perfume Oil


The dry, glorious warmth of the Savannah. A golden, spiced amber, proud, regal and ferocious.

alice_artMad Tea Party
The Dodgson Collection.

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice’s sojourns to Wonderland.

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.

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  1. Rebecca

    The Lion is a lovely, warm amber on me, like a beam of autumn sunshine. I don’t get any particular spices, just the way a good amber can harbor its own spiciness somehow. It’s spicy amber, not amber plus cinnamon or clove or whatever. It’s not a strong scent, and the wear length is only average on me, but it’s something I often choose for unfamiliar work situations because it feels professional but not impersonal or generic. It projects the warm glowing confidence I want as my own.

  2. ranepage11

    In the Imp it smelled musky & strong! But after applying to my skin, I guess with my chemistry it just turns into a simple sweet & floral smell. On my wife it retains that musk hint, but the floral does ring higher. Simple, but captivating.

  3. laduciel

    Got as a Frimp. Wouldn’t have been one I would have chosen based on oils in it, but SO glad I got it! The way the scents come together is lovely. It’s WARM, a bit of spice, not overwhelming once it sets on the skin for about a half hour. Just melds into this great scent. I see it as a unisex scent. I am not big on really flowery and this isn’t. It’s yummy.

  4. jhooper12

    In the bottle it has a very mild scent but once worn it becomes more noticeable. The amber comes through first and after a while the spice takes over. It’s not too far off from Haunted.

  5. VetchVespers

    To me this smells like pure amber note. Warm, spicy, nose tickling in a good way with a medium weight to it. If you’re an amber lover or trying to learn to identify the note, this is pretty much a staple.

  6. GoldenFlowerCat

    This is the most glorious spiced amber, a very ‘Leo’ scent. Slightly earthy, almost a bit like rhassoul mud with waves of cinnamon and cardamom and a deep amber glow. I wouldn’t describe it as ‘heavy’, but it’s certainly ‘deep’. Good lasting power and makes an impression. I’m ordering a full size next time <3

  7. [email protected]

    After a full body test on both myself and my guy, both our chemistries kept this scent to almost a single note parched amber with a little spice. Unisex and light, but unfortunately did not morph into something more than that.

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