Manhattan Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Manhattan Perfume Oil


Sexuality, power, confidence. A meeting of modern, sleek elegance and rich, passionate history: sheer amber, black leather, white mint, lemon peel, white tea, grapefruit, kush, teakwood and orchid.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. minikadomi

    Very elegant, sharp, silver-like. On my skin I definitely feel grapefruit and woods on a complex background. Recommended!

  2. veggiegal4ever

    A follow up review. I’ve worn this a few times, and have to say I’m disappointed. The very last note that remains with this is the Kush, which unfortunately leaves a “b.o.”(like underarm kind) stink. Omg so sad!!! This perfume is absolute perfection until the last few hours of the dry down and then that kush stink. Bpal, PLEASE leave out the kush and keep all other notes! I won’t be repurchasing Manhattan unless it’s reformulated to be kush free. Very sad. ?

  3. veggiegal4ever

    A gorgeous and near flawless blend of notes. Very clean, fresh, strong and confident. When wet, it starts out somewhat lemony, leathery and masculine, evoking the feel of a male model or movie star on a Harley…..imagine Ewan McGregor…..gray cashmere sweater and scarf in a European knot leaning against his bike, dapper af. As it dries, it morphs and matures into a BEAUTIFUL aroma that is still very clean, but warm, sensual and definitely androgynous. This is PERFECT for either gender. On a woman, I envision an expensive trench coat over skinny jeans with stilettos. Chic! The leather remains until the very end but it becomes softer with time. I highly recommend this!!!

  4. Claire

    I’m amazed at how much I like this! I got it as an imp and I would definitely like to get more. It has a definite citrus scent in my opinion but the teakwood and leather really balance it out and make it deeper, so it’s not overwhelming. I would describe this as a stylish, “expensive” kind of scent as well as surprisingly cheerful.

  5. mtibay1993

    Got this as a frimp, and it smells wonderful on the significant other, Very masculine, with strong amber dominating. Wonderful to wear for formal occasions. When I wear it it transforms from amber to white tea and orchid. The scent lasts for the whole day for us.

  6. Velvet Lilly

    This is so Chic…. it’s so very, lunch at Saks, or dinner on the upper West Side…..or the perfect scent for ballet class and running around the city. I’m so in love with this blend of high tone citrus and sunlight and classic tea/amber.

  7. fuzzyotter

    Reminds me of a tailored suit and stilettos. Confident but not aggressive. No hint of cheap synthetic fragrance; this is a perfume for sophisticates who don’t waste their time on drug store scents.
    Almost no lemon on me; I get a lot of teakwood and amber. I put it on this morning and it’s like I had three different perfumes on–the “sharper” scent (tea, amber, grapefruit) at the beginning lasted about an hour, then the musky wood/leather scent lasted for about 4 hours, and I was left with a clean incense scent at the end until it finally faded. I loved all three stages; the middle stage was my favorite.

  8. jeneale6

    I don’t have a great nose, but I got this first as part of the Fresh imp pack, and this and Elf were definitely my favorite. Elf is even a little more lemony, where Manhattan is a little more leather and wood. It’s a little more androgynous and so wearable. But definitely an Upper East Side indoors-at-a-museum smell, not a Midtown rotting-garbage-in-the-summer kind of Manhattan smell!

  9. ashleysilvernell

    This is amazingly complex and perfect on my skin. Lemon, leather, and teakwood are strong when wet, and it mellows into a lovely tea/Amber blend. I’ll be ordering a full bottle of this one.

  10. Gloame

    First sniff: green lemons. Second sniff… can’t find it. It faded fast.

  11. Hellokoi

    I don’t get any of the leather, wood or amber from this. It’s a smooth, crisp, lemony tea with a hint of sweet grapefruit on me.

  12. Bethany

    This scent surprised me. it came complementary with an order.
    Wet= Very lemony, crisp, and clean.
    Dry= The lemon and white tea fades letting the amber sing through. It is extremely sweet, but not sickly. Body chemistry matters. On me it heavy and sweet. On my little sister it is something more akin to Lysol. Overall though I’m quite pleased.

  13. xaglow

    Lemon and what I think might be the teakwood are strongest when this one is wet. As it dries the amber comes through and warms this scent up a bit.
    I was hoping with the mint this one would stay on the cooler side, but the amber took over a little.

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