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Aglaea Perfume Oil



Three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle.

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Est deus in nobis.

The Grataæ

The Graces, the Charities, the  Gratiæ: Goddesses of beauty, charm, celebration and merriment. They are the personification of all these aspects as found in both nature and mortal life. Daughters of Zeus and the oceanid Eurynome, they are Aphrodite’s attendants and work in harmony with the Muses as fountains of inspiration in the arts. In their aspect as fertility and nature deities, these Goddesses are associated with the Underworld and the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Boywonder

    i got this as a sample and it gives the vibes of a sweet/sharp peachy rock candy scent and i love it!

  2. Boywonder

    This smells like a sharp sweet peach musk giving the vibes of a warm spring day, very nice.

  3. cobratoes

    I love this! A light, sweet, fresh peach scent. Perfect for summer. Currently ordering a back up of this one.

  4. jmtaono

    I received this as a free imp. I’m not usually a fan of foodie scents, which give me migraines. But this one is not a problem! The peach is hardly overwhelming and blends into the amber and musk really well. The musk isn’t overpowering and really just adds complexity to the sweetness. While sweet, its not overpoweringly so.

  5. erklein290

    This scent lasts forever on my skin. I wouldn’t say that it was fresh peach on me… Abstractly, I’d say it was as if you could blend peaches and sunsets. It was far to rich for me, personally.

  6. Jae

    I love the foodie scents amd this one did not disappoint!

  7. Gloame

    Wet, this is SUCH a juicy peach. Immediately made me want to eat one. I could practically taste it. It goes very bright, a bit sharp. It’s fruity and summery, like the first part of summer when spring is just moving off. Very lovely! Does seem to fade quick, though.

    Where I’d wear it: Biking on a warm afternoon, through a cute city

  8. Heather

    Sweet Peach, I don’t get any musk until after several hours. Seriously love this scent!

  9. perigrin6

    I found this imp while moving along with a few extra I had tucked away and I am so glad I tried it out. I put it on the other day for work and it smells great! I am a big bearded guy and had no idea this was supposed to be feminine. I love the mix of smells; I actually feel more attractive just wearing it. I am buying it now without hesitation.

  10. Adelin

    I’m not fond of fruity perfumes, especially not peach, so I was hesitant to try this Imp when I received it with another musky perfume I’d ordered. But this has a very charming, soft smell and I’m sure someone who likes peach-scented perfumes will love this! The musk and amber really help to make the fruit smell more gentle.

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