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Deadly Nightshade Honey Perfume Oil


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Rappaccini’s Apiary

Within the vast gardens of Rappaccini’s estate lies a peculiar apiary, populated with bees of questionable tastes. Inspired by the Maenomenon of Pontus, Xenophon’s Retreat of the Ten Thou-sand, tales of St. Olga, and the exploits of the Heptakometes, Dr. Rappaccini slowly adjusted the pheromone emissions of his colonies, thus modifying their behaviors. His bees developed a predilection for unsavory nectars, and Dr. Rappaccini’s experiment came to fruition.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

It goes without saying that the Rappaccini’s Garden and Apiary scents do not truly contain poisonous plant materials. Artistic license, my friend. Artistic license.


  1. Claire

    Got this as a frimp and it’s surprisingly good! It’s exactly what it says it is. I can detect honey and I can detect a note I’m unfamiliar with, but can only assume must be deadly nightshade. It’s a kind of green, herbal scent. It’s oddly nostalgic. The scent itself doesn’t have a ton of throw, but it is extremely long lasting. Might have to get more of this!

  2. ranepage11

    Sensual, sweet, honey, kind of a wet note too. Gotta have a bottle of this!

  3. Gloame

    Soft and almost fuzzy. As it dries, the honey pops more and it’s like a greenery wreath with a hint of honey in the breeze. It smells fresh and alive, and I like it a lot.

    Where I’d wear this: On a rainy spring day, with the windows open

  4. joycevranjes

    Soft, sweet, gentle and delicate. I would wear this scent on warm Spring night. Very pretty.

  5. StopLoriNow

    In the Imp: bright, sweet, fresh.
    Wet on skin: herby, sweet from the honey, with a rounded and almost gourmand scent.
    While drying: very soft, still sweet.
    Dry down: soft, feminine, reminiscent of light powdered sugar.

    Not a ton of throw, very delicate, very pretty scent. I got this as a frimp, and I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’m not familiar with the fragrance of deadly nightshade. Additionally, I typically cannot stand powdery anything on me. This one is special… there’s something so classically feminine about this without it veering into “old lady smell” territory for me. It’s got a complex scent journey.

    I think this is a new favorite!

  6. Sarah

    I got an imp of this with another order, and I really love it! Will definitely be getting a proper bottle of it, sometime. In the bottle it’s a very clean scent, and that carried over when I put it on. As it dried, there was something a little herby and a little spicy mixed in with the honey-scent. If this perfume were a color, it would be greeny-gold. I feel absolutely scrumptious wearing it!

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