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Eclipse Perfume Oil


All the glory, warmth and majesty of the sun — darkened. A delicious blend of bitter almond, vanilla, frankincense and heliotrope, with a drop of cinnamon.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. coffinpop

    a picture of my childhood in virginia. a summer camp nature walk with the funkiest old ladies in Appalachia, their perfume, my sunscreen, huddled in a circle around the little magic centipedes that smell like amaretto when theyre scared because they produce raw cyanide. a sweet memory of having a sweet little time with a scary thing. i was really happy that day, and im happy again now too because of this frimp

  2. gizzalove

    Got this as a bonus imp in my order and it’s one of my favourites! Smells kind of like Dr.Pepper or cherry coke to me but settles into my skin in a pleasing way. Delicious!!

  3. Marlayna Attard

    In LOVE with this. I didn’t expect to really bond with this one but I MUST get a full bottle.

    Almond is a very nostalgic scent to me so it’s probably personal/based on my positive childhood memories but I love love love this scent. The other reviews are super accurate; cherry almond to foodie/cinnamon/soft finish that makes you smell like something delicious.

    10/10 absolutely getting more!

  4. charlotteescher

    Cherry almond sand amaretto in the vial, which becomes more of an almond + floral scent, almost a little bit like lilac when wet. As it dried the almond smell remained, the floral scent increased, the cherry disappeared, and there was an added powdery aspect at the end.

    It was very pleasant. My partner liked it and probably would’ve doused an entire room with it if we’d been about to purchase it as a room spray. Lovely, though a little more mature for my tastes.

  5. Lauren Carpenter

    Received this imp with an order I placed and had no idea what to expect. This scent is AMAZING. So soft, sweet and a little bit spicy. I can’t stop smelling myself lol.

  6. Jae

    Strong cherry almond.

  7. April

    This is a nice scent, though for me not outstanding. Wet in the bottle and on my skin it smells deliciously of sharp, cherry-like almond. Cinnamon amps on me, and sadly as this begins to dry the cinnamon comes out strong and hot. If I can get through that phase it mellows into more of a creamy, slightly floral scent, but on me the cinnamon lingers.

  8. Elizabeth

    A yummy foodie scent, but I do not think of an eclipse or any celestial event when I wear it, but I may still get a big bottle because men love it when women smell like we can cook!

  9. Iconocaustic

    This scent is magical. It is one of my absolutely favorites.
    The first scent is something candy-like and a little boozy. It kinda reminds me of walking into a candy store when they’re making fudge.
    Upon it drying, it turns into something more floral, probably from the heliotrope.
    Once it is fully dry and has been on my skin for a little bit, it turns back into something sweet, but this time something kinda pastry-like.

  10. Laurie

    My favorite of them all, though definitely I’m feeling edible when wearing it. It’s warm and autumnal. The almond stays forward on me.

  11. Margot

    Smells like sweet cherry almond. Delicious

  12. dementia_divine

    In the imp: ALMOND. It’s strong, but I love almond notes. If I inhale really deeply, I get a bit of cinnamon, but I’m mainly just smelling almond.

    Wet: Creamy almond and cinnamon. The almond is the dominant note. I am glad this only contains a drop of cinnamon, and that it doesn’t burn. The cinnamon seems to be becoming more prominent, and the creaminess isn’t actually part of the almond note at all. It’s the vanilla note complementing the almond. After a while, the frankincense starts to peek out. The almond note does register as a bitter almond to my nose now.

    Dry: At first, it was bitter almond, frankincense, and cinnamon.

    Later on, the vanilla has decided to announce its creamy presence again, and the cinnamon is the dominant note.

    Verdict: I really like this, and I’m surprised that I didn’t try this one sooner. The combination of the almond, vanilla, and cinnamon give this an icing-on-a-spiced-cookie vibe, but the frankincense keeps it from being distinctly foody.

  13. Nuri

    I got Eclipse as an imp and all I get from it is almond boozy note like amaretto with a dash of cinnamon. I couldn’t find the Frankincense and heliotrope. It reminds me of something you would add to a rum cake before you cooked it.

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