Greed Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Greed Perfume Oil


Base and earthy, yet glittering with golden notes: patchouli, heliotrope, copal and oakmoss.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Spidey

    On me, it has a really clean aftershave/Carmex/menthol scent with a very slight sweet spice undertone that gets more pronounced the longer it’s on. Overall really universally pleasant and not aggressively strong, it’s a very ‘im not wearing perfume, I just smell good’ type of scent.

  2. Lunashayde

    Got this as a frimp. In the bottle it has a definite patchouli scent to it. On the skin for me it turns almost papery scent w/ a mix of leather handbag, menthol cigarettes and baby powder. For me it’s not a winner because me and patchouli don’t get along, but i thought i’d give it a shot. This is a very gender neutral fragrance though. If you like minty, earthy scents, give it a shot.

  3. Cassia

    Amazing, luxe leather and spice. I was disappointed the bottle I ordered was not as papery as the imp, but I’m hoping some paper notes might develop in time. With the strong paper notes, it reminded me of a fresh, leather-bound journal. Without, I’ve had friends comment on it being too incense-y. It’s still a favorite of mine though. The scent is good when it first arrives, but even better after it’s aged a month.

  4. TarynPage

    I have started forcing my boyfriend to wear this because I love it, but already have a million other things I want to wear (thanks BPAL, I’m addicted to you).

    In the vial: Woody, musky, mossy, leather, spice and a hint of a dark sweetness (almost like a chocolate smell).

    On *my* skin: The sweetness really comes out. Smells like chocolate woods.

    On *his* skin: Leathery. Extremely mossy and spicy. Just like a cigar shop or humidor that has been used for years.

  5. [email protected]

    This is one of my favorites for day to day wear. It starts out down to earth, but not in an actual dirt or hippy patchouli kind of way. This smells expensive. Then it is kind of golden. But it also becomes papery like bills of money, and the expensive leather of a fine leather purse. To me, this is what wealth and confidence smell like. It drys down to a very pleasant skin scent and lasts and lasts. After several hours on me, it smells somewhat vanilla and still expensive.

  6. Gloame

    Earthy, dark, and uncomplicated. There is no sweetness to this; it’s confident enough without it.

    Money, power, disregard.

  7. [email protected]

    I recently received a frimp of this. After a full body test, it reminds me of well circulated monetary notes that have spent time in leather wallets. A dark, assertive and slightly sexy blend that morphs slightly after a few hours of wear into a lighter more powdery scent. Medium sillage and throw.

  8. luxdancer

    Wet: Patchouli mostly, plus something bright. When fresh on my skin, a note like thuja or cedar wood comes out, very warm and woodsy.

    Dry: Still patchouli with a bit of spice. And it fades pretty quickly. Not very inspiring on me.

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