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Ameles Potamos Perfume Oil


Near the Cimmerii a cavern lies deep in the hollow of a mountainside, the home and sanctuary of lazy Hypnos, where Phoebus’ beams can never reach at morn or noon or eve, but cloudy vapours rise in doubtful twilight . . . there silence dwells: only the lazy stream of Lethe ‘neath the rock with whisper low o’er pebbly shallows trickling lulls to sleep. Before the cavern’s mouth lush poppies grow and countless herbs, from whose bland essences a drowsy infusion dewy Nyx distils and sprinkles sleep across the darkening world.

The River of Unmindfulness: bittersweet black water swollen with forgotten tears.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Danielle

    Like the previous reviewer, I am not into aquatic scents. However, as far as aquatics go, this is a nice fragrance. I agree that it is a,darker aquatic and has a slight floral aspect in the Dry down. If I were to guess at the floral, I’d say plumeria. It lingerst in the background, but never takes center stage as the plumeria note in “viel” does. The throw is moderate and the longevity is decent as well. Overall, not a bad fragrance. It’s just not my personal preference.

  2. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Yep, this is an aquatic all right. The scent in the imp does fit the description. I find it to be more water-like than Vial of Holy Water.

    Wet: Aquatics don’t tend to like my skin chemistry, and in no time at all, this one threatens to turn into soap. It isn’t quite there yet, though. I would describe this as a dark aquatic, as something about this seems heavy compared to other aquatics I’ve tried.

    Dry: This scent has a prominent floral aspect now, although I’m not exactly sure what I’m smelling.

    Verdict: For once, it didn’t turn into soap! This isn’t really my thing, so I will be passing it onto a friend who finds aquatics to be rather refreshing in the summer heat.

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