Cockaigne Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Cockaigne Perfume Oil


The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth.

The Land of Plenty, also called Luilekkerland, the Lazy, Luscious Land: milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine.

Wanderlust – The Phantom Islands

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Raechel Altieri

    Very sweet perfume, like brown sugar. It makes me hungry!

  2. Lunashayde

    This really does remind me of a christmas candle, all full of sugar cookie or snickerdoodle goodness. This would surely make a great scent for the foodie/ gourmand lover. If you are looking for a “lighter” fall/winter scent i recommend this one, since it’s not overpowering and just an overall comforting scent.

  3. lvhynds

    If you really, really, REALLY love Christmas-themed candles, you will love this, because it’ll make you smell like a Christmas-themed candle. Sweet, buttery cakes with a little spice and fruit. Delicious!

  4. Kristin

    I received an old imp of this from a friend, and was so looking forward to it. It sounded right up my alley as someone who is in love with sweet food scents. Unfortunately it was the biggest disappointment. On me, it reeked of cat urine. I have no idea what made it smell that way. Maybe a newer bottle would smell a lot better, but I’m for obvious reasons fairly hesitant to try it again.

  5. Hellokoi

    Buttery, brown sugar and cinnamon streusel with a drizzle of honey. Makes me smell like a delicious, honeyed spice cake.

  6. VetchVespers

    This is just utterly fantastic in the bottle. Warm, moist, golden cake with gentle spices, oozing with sweet cream. I just know there’s a piece of Tres Leche crammed in here somewhere!

    Alas, this one looses a lot once I put it on. The wine comes out on my skin and just goes kind of sweet, sticky grape (which happens a lot with me and BPAL’s wine notes) and the cake just becomes kind of generic sweet vanilla. There’s also a note in here that I recognize from Miskatonic University that doesn’t agree with me and turns to a weird brown paper bag smell. 🙁 Boo for skin chemistry! Still, it’s worth having the imp so I can just happily huff it all day.

    This one belongs on a dessert tray with Miskatonic, Shub-Niggurath, and Eat Me, but I think wet, I like Cockaigne the best.

    Four Stars for huffability.

  7. tunnabora

    This is a delicious, richly sweet scent. My imp broke in the box, and the whole box smelled so incredible that I carefully preserved the broken imp until I got a full bottle. 🙂

  8. kittencult

    Very food-y, boozey and decadent! I picture yellow cake dripping in butter and rum. Very delicious and comforting.

  9. xaglow

    Will be getting this one again. When this one is wet it smells like a spiced coffee cake! Even better though is when it dries, warm spice with a light hint of cream.

    I will be buying this again in the larger bottle.

  10. jessecake

    Wet: Sweet buttery cakes, yum!
    Dry: Tobacco. Totally reminds me of the cigars my paw-paw smoked.

    I was surprised to find out that it has no tobacco in the ingredients, after wearing for first time. I tried it again, and yep, something in it turns to cigars on me.

  11. dementia_divine

    In the imp: CAAAAAKE. A very sweet buttery cake with drizzled with a glaze (and not a frosting). I don’t really get the wine note at all.

    Wet: The cake is not nearly as sweet or intense as it was in the imp. I still believe that it is a buttery cake with a glaze, though. It smells delicious. I am getting a bit of spice from the sweet cake note now as well, but fortunately, it isn’t burning my skin. The milk and honey is definitely present. Still no wine note (which I suppose is a good thing). The scent is familiar, and at first I thought it was the cake note, but I actually think it is the milk and honey, which must be the same milk and honey note used in Alice.

    Dry: The spices from the cake note are now front and center. The cake itself is still present, as well as the milk and honey, but the spices are far more prominent. Still no wine.

    Verdict: I like it!

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