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Kumari Kandam Perfume Oil


The hollow scent of a vast antediluvian civilization, now frozen and buried, smothered by a thick sheet of ice and trapped deep beneath the ocean. Thick incense, clay, stone, and hothouse blooms with a spike of frost, a hint of decay, and heavy, dolorous aquatic notes.

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Wanderlust – The Phantom Islands

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. amills

    There are many notes to this fragrance, on me it is lovely, aquatic, and floral. I have other scents that I prefer, but this is not a bad one at all.

  2. artimisia

    I am very pleased with this scent. The last time I tried an aquatic it turned powdery, then sickly sweet on me. So I was nervous about giving this one a try. However, Kumari Kandam has more depth to it than the last one (Rl’yeh, if you were wondering). I find that the aquatic note is the base with a flowery/incensy undertone and an almost minty green scent floating on top. I guess this is the snow note? There’s a lot going on in this perfume, and for me it all melds together beautifully. It seems to have decent staying power too, which is nice…although I took one star off because it doesn’t have a ton of throw on me. But oh well. It has enough that I can smell it on me, and keep getting whiffs of it as I move around.

    Interestingly, this one seems to change a lot depending on skin chemistry. I let my mom try it on and it smelled completely different on her. On me it smells as I described but on her the incense disappeared and it became a strong aquatic floral. It still smelled nice, but in a sharper, brighter way…almost fruity. I can only assume this is because there are so many different layering notes in this perfume.

  3. Hellokoi

    I don’t get incense, clay, stone or floral from this at all. It just smells like bpal’s snow note on me – sweet, slightly minty, slushy, slightly evergreen snow note. Sweet, cool and clean.

  4. VetchVespers

    Normally I avoid oceanic scents, but Kumari Kandam is an exception.

    Kumari Kandam has the clean, fresh scent I associate with “ocean” smells, but the other notes give it a depth that keeps it from going “soapy.” On me, it also morphs quite a bit. Sometimes I get whiffs of minty coolness, other times a light floral sweetness, but always mellowed and mingled with the aquatic and incense notes.

    It’s a light, cool, and unusual treat that I could see working for both men and women. If you like marine scents, I’d say it’s a must try, or if you’re looking for something different, I’d give it a go.

  5. [email protected]

    On me, this is an interesting frosted stone. For those who love aquatic and stone notes, this one is for you.

  6. Lycanthrope

    If you’re looking for a very unique scent, give Kumari Kandam a whirl. It has BPAL’s most beautiful slush/snow note over a host of beautiful warm florals – I swear there is some violet, orchid, ferns, and maybe a hint of lily – as well as a tiny touch of that elusive stone note. Although there are tons of conflicting ‘tones’ present, stone, ice, floral, ocean, it melds into an almost indescribable scent experience. One of my favorite things about BPAL are the layers – this is like a kaleidoscope of fragrance that is all unified, but if you search for each component of the scent, you can find each part. It’s glittering, bright, cold, fascinating, entrancing, mysterious, wonderful! I would be devastated if this disappeared…

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