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Paris Perfume Oil


Sensual, decadent, and enigmatic. Lavender, softly underscored by lotus and spice.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Stef

    It’s a lot spicier and heavier when it goes on, but then it mellows out to a nice, light sweet floral on me. The lavender and lotus combo is perfect!

  2. janiegalvin

    Paris is an odd scent on me. In the imp, I smell lavender, full stop. On my skin, more of the same, with a sweet note that I assume is lotus peeking through. I was not a fan. But after almost an hour on my skin, I very distinctly smell like clove… with a faint hint of the lavender. It’s not an assertive scent, sits very close to the skin, and it’s really quite nice. Enigmatic, indeed.

  3. Hellokoi

    Powdery lavender, a crystalline sort of muskiness, and a bit of extra sweetness from the lotus. Too powdery and clean for me.

  4. nettle-and-nocturne

    In the imp, this alternates between extreme lavender and a very sweet floral which I assume is the lotus. I’m not crazy about the lotus note. Unfortunately, when I try it on, the lotus begins to completely overpower the lavender. The spice is regrettably absent on me. An hour or so later, this has become the scent of a stale candle in a second hand store. Sadly, this one is not for me.

  5. Rachel

    Oh my goodness, this scent! It is so beautiful and calming. It gives off an almost cherry smell for me. It’s so feminine and delicate. Will be ordering a full size!

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