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Port Royal Perfume Oil


The Sodom of the New World! — touted as the richest and wickedest city in all creation! Port Royal was the center of 17th century Caribbean commerce, a notorious safe harbor for pirates, and the site of our third flagship store, which was, sadly, destroyed in the earthquake of 1692. Spiced rum and ship’s wood mixed with the body-warmed trace of a prostitute’s perfume and a hint of salty sea air on the dry-down.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. hankins

    a raucous scent for me, but not overpowering. It speaks to me saying “lets go have some fun.” Will be the fragrance I reach for to apply before going out this summer and for riding my motorcycle. Don’t know exactly what the blend is but I like it.

  2. Katiayna Miller

    Bought the Imp, definitely a warm and spicy scent. Reminds me of walking into a metaphysical shop, kind of reminds me of the opium incense scent.

  3. hlapayne

    bought the imp! First impression is spicy, warm, and oddly a bit comforting to me. If I ever dress up as a pirate, this would be the perfect scent to match. I can imagine the vibe of a bar and/or brothel in Port Royal, perhaps in a quieter room off to the side with a fire going. Quite nice <3

  4. Sarah

    Got this as an imp. It’s definitely a warm, spicy scent. It doesn’t conjure much of the sea for me, but rather maybe a port market. Still a good one.

  5. tauntonlake

    Just lovely. Smells almost Pirates of the Caribbean-esque to me. The rum, salt air, maybe a bit of lime floral. Divine …. Some woman actually stopped short as she was walking by me in the grocery store, and asked me what that beautiful perfume I had on was, she had never smelled anything like it. This is not your department store perfume. People will take notice, because it is so unusual and lovely.

  6. Hellokoi

    Cinnamon, salty aquatic and a dry wood scent. I don’t really like the heavy spice mixed with the clean notes.

  7. luxdancer

    Wet: Definitely smell the “prostitute’s perfume”, which reminds me of Morocco – there’s a bit more spice and a touch of alcohol laced in the background, a very quiet tangy bite (the “salt air”, I guess). But mostly I just smell the sweet and amber-y note.

    Dry: Definitely more bite than Morocco, also spicier, which is where the spiced rum comes from. As it fades, this menthol note comes out, making it smell quite cool.

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