Lavender Lemon Bar Perfume Oil $29.00

Lavender Lemon Bar Perfume Oil


Ribbons of thick curd cooling in a crust flecked with crystallized purple buds.

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Weight 1 oz


  1. twopeople007

    smells lovely in the bottle. all buttery and crumbly like… well, exactly like a lemon bar base! didnt really catch any lavender, or much lemon

    as soon as it hit my skin oh BOY! i hope this settles down a tad because it is VERY LEMON. can smell the lavender underneath. a very sharp smell. has not transformed into some sort of cleaning product yet so i remain hopeful. perhaps those scents in the bottle Will Out.

    a few minutes later and its getting there! some of those buttery notes are coming in, and the VIOLENT LEMON EXPLOSION has chilled out a little. the lavender is coming through much more strongly now. smells best form a distance, it seems like thats where all the buttery notes hang out.

    a little while longer and i think we’re in business baby! the buttery is back, and playing nicely with the lemon lavender! let this one sit for a bit before you go out because wow those notes come on strong to start with!

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