Asleep in the Deep Perfume Oil $27.00

Asleep in the Deep Perfume Oil


Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep so beware! Beware!
What of the storm when the night is o’er? There is no trace or sign!
Save where the wreckage hath strewn the shore, peaceful the sun doth shine.
But when the wild raging storm did cease, under the billows two hearts found peace.
No more to part, no more of pain, the bell may now toll its warning in vain.

Loudly the bell in the old tower rings
Biding us list to the warning it brings.
Sailor take care! Sailor take care!
Danger is near thee, beware! Beware!
Beware! Beware!

A hymn to all who sleep beneath the waves. Sailor beware! A lightless abyss of black plum, sea salt, opium tar accord, labdanum, and indigo benzoin.

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  1. Claire

    It took me a bit to adjust to this scent as it was different from what I expected, but once I did I found myself really enjoying it. I want to say the predominant scent is the opium tar accord followed by sea salt. It’s rounded out by the other scents and the combination makes me think of walking on a salt encrusted deck where sailors are smoking and eating as they chat. I’m definitely reminded of food even though I can’t quite make out the plum, but I wouldn’t describe this as a foodie scent even so. It’s definitely of the sea.

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