Plum - Black

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    A Savage Veil, Severe and Strong Perfume Oil

    Black plum, 7-year aged patchouli, nutmeg, and tobacco leaf.

    Proceeds from the sale of both of the Hymn to the Erinyes scents benefit RAINN, the United States’ largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline, and provides programs to help survivors, prevent sexual violence, and ensure that offenders are brought to justice.

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  • Asleep in the Deep Perfume Oil

    Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep so beware! Beware!
    What of the storm when the night is o’er? There is no trace or sign!
    Save where the wreckage hath strewn the shore, peaceful the sun doth shine.
    But when the wild raging storm did cease, under the billows two hearts found peace.
    No more to part, no more of pain, the bell may now toll its warning in vain.

    Loudly the bell in the old tower rings
    Biding us list to the warning it brings.
    Sailor take care! Sailor take care!
    Danger is near thee, beware! Beware!
    Beware! Beware!

    A hymn to all who sleep beneath the waves. Sailor beware! A lightless abyss of black plum, sea salt, opium tar accord, labdanum, and indigo benzoin.

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  • encounter with a female ghost

    Encounter with a Female Ghost Perfume Oil

    Cypress, immortelle, and white amber enveloping red spider lily petals, dragon’s blood resin, and black plum.

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  • Fierce midnights and famishing morrows

    Fierce Midnights and Famishing Morrows Perfume Oil

    Seven sorrows the priests give their Virgin;

    But thy sins, which are seventy times seven,

    Seven ages would fail thee to purge in,

    And then they would haunt thee in heaven:

    Fierce midnights and famishing morrows,

    And the loves that complete and control

    All the joys of the flesh, all the sorrows

    That wear out the soul.


    Black plum, wild lily, and tobacco.

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  • In the darkness they murmured and mingled

    In the Darkness They Murmured and Mingled Perfume Oil

    And they laughed, changing hands in the measure,

    And they mixed and made peace after strife;

    Pain melted in tears, and was pleasure;

    Death tingled with blood, and was life.

    Like lovers they melted and tingled,

    In the dusk of thine innermost fane;

    In the darkness they murmured and mingled,

    Our Lady of Pain.


    Labdanum, black plum, black currant, violet, and champaca flower.

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    Mastermind Perfume Oil

    Inspired by the character HUNTER ROSE.
    The first of the Grendel legacy, a stylish, best-selling author who leads a double life as a relentless assassin and all-powerful mob overlord.

    An elegant cologne of olibanum, opoponax, leather accord, black amber, bois de jasmine, cade wood, pale balsam, orange blossom, oudh, black plum, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood.

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