Mummeries and Straining-to-be Memorable Passages Perfume Oil $33.00

Mummeries and Straining-to-be Memorable Passages Perfume Oil


Obergefell vs Hodges

Buried beneath the mummeries and straining-to-be-memorable passages of the opinion is a candid and startling assertion: No matter what it was the People ratified, the Fourteenth Amendment protects those rights that the Judiciary, in its ‘reasoned judgment,’ thinks the Fourteenth Amendment ought to protect.

Rosemary is for remembrance: rosemary water with lavender, blackberry, Italian bergamot, and white musk.

Hubris is sometimes defined as o’erweening pride; and pride, we know, goeth before a fall.

We’ve had myriad political figures throughout US history who have possessed acid tongues, but few in the modern era have provided such a constant stream of colorfully vitriolic superlatives as Antonin Scalia.

 He is the federal court’s beat poet of indignation and right-wing rage.

For your pleasure, we present a line dedicated to SCOTUS’ reigning Sick Burn Champion, the cranky, flamboyant, inimitable Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia. Proceeds from every single bottle will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Trevor Project, and the National Center for Transgender Equality.


  1. Teamama67

    Mummeries is subtle. The Rosemary and blackberry are very well blended, with the sweet warmth of the blackberry surrounding the resinous rosemary. We have both of these plants in our vicinity, and this reminds me of warm, late-summer afternoons in the Northwest. The musk and lavender are in the background, and the bergamot must have rolled into the blackberry note on me, I couldn’t find it.

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