Shelley, Byron, and Keats Perfume Oil $34.00

Shelley, Byron, and Keats Perfume Oil


Uncompromising idealism, haunted romanticism, fatal ennui, and a heady amount of scandal and vice: red roses and pale carnation with a draught of laudanum, smears of opium tar, a hint of absinthe, and mercury ointment.

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Perfume oil blends. Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial. Because of the nature of this project, imps are unavailable.

350 bottles were created for each scent, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is thrilled to present a series of scents based on Jim Jarmusch’s critically acclaimed film and soundtrack, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE.

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE tells the tale of two fragile and sensitive vampires, Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton), who have been lovers for centuries. Both are cultured intellectuals with an all-embracing passion for music, literature and science, who have evolved to a level where they no longer kill for sustenance, but still retain their innate wildness.

Adam, a reclusive underground musician hiding out in the ruins of contemporary Detroit, despairs about human civilization’s decline, and worries about future survival.Eve, who is perhaps 3000 years old to Adam’s 500, takes a longer view of history and is more optimistic. She leaves her home in the ancient city of Tangier to come to his side.

As blood has been tainted by the zombies (humans), the formerly immortal Adam and Eve must secure uncontaminated blood from hospitals or they will perish. Eve’s close friend, Elizabethan dramatist and unacknowledged author of Shakespeare’s plays—Christopher Marlowe (John Hurt), is now an elder vampire who provides Eve with hospital blood. Adam gets his supply from Dr. Watson (Jeffrey Wright), a skittish hematologist who provides safe blood at a price.

Adam and Eve’s precarious footing is further threatened by the uninvited arrival of Eve’s carefree and uncontrollable little sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska). Unlike Adam and Eve, Ava hasn’t yet learned to tame her wilder instincts, and her recklessness concerns Adam.

Driven by sensual photography, trance-like music, and droll humor, Jim Jarmusch’s ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE is a meditation on art, science, memory, and the mysteries of everlasting love.

Jim Jarmusch has long been considered a seminal figure in American independent cinema. His films are often noted for their transcendent minimalism and upturning of traditional genres such as the road movie, western, crime-film, and detective story. Born in Akron, Ohio, Jarmusch lives and works in New York.


  1. Mergekat

    Uncompromising idealism indeed! At first, I get the warmth of the roses and spiciness of carnations, making this a very clean “floral” scent to me. It reminds me a little of Gossamer V. 3 and Maiden for that reason. As it starts to dry a sharp, powdery coolness comes over the scent. I’m guessing the powder is the tincture of opium known as Laudanum portrayed there. The absinthe lingers in the background with that sharpness. It does soften a bit. Personally, as with most scents, the medium throw becomes lighter by staying close to my skin within 2 hours time. Oddly, it morphed again by the 6th hour mark. The sweet and sharp are playing again with my nose. I think that is the lingering absinthe which has now appeared more to the forefront. I kind of wish there was more of a fougère note in it. I don’t know if I love it, but I do find myself addicted to the sharp tingle the scent creates.

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