Black Haüs Perfume Oil $28.00

Black Haüs Perfume Oil


Shades drift through a crumbling manor. Fragrant winds chill the lifeless rooms. A skittering in the darkness.

Overgrown ivy creeping through a neglected lavender patch, a whiff of long-forgotten cologne, indigo oudh, mahogany, and teakwood, ti leaf, ectoplasmic musk, and aged leather.

Victoria Elizabeth Black

Created in collaboration with Dragula Season 2 star Victoria Elizabeth Black and BLACK HAÜS Productions.

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Weight 1 oz


  1. Rane.

    This is a strong lavender, green, & wood scent. It lasts all day on me. It is fragrant like am expensive perfume. Towards the end of the day it smells of woods, & cologne.

  2. 15dohara

    Dearest BPAL and Victoria Elizabeth Black,

    You have made the woodsy fragrance of my dreams! A dark forest complimented by a mild sweetness, the lavender, mahogany, oudh, teakwood, and musk really stand out here. As it wears on, the ivy, leather, and ti leaf linger behind the sensual woody profile. This is what I want to smell like everyday. Please keep this one in your line of scents! Additionally, if you make a beard oil and bar soap version of Black Haüs, I would buy them in a heartbeat!

    Amazing job as always! All the best!

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