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    A Young Boy and His Brother Seated on a Goat Perfume Oil

    Christoffel Pierson

    Polished mahogany, copal resin, Java sandalwood, teakwood, and Sumatran patchouli.

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    Andradite Phoenix Perfume Oil

    A species of garnet. The scent is a swirl of deep red, brown-black, bronze, and green: red and black vegetal musk, sunset amber, oakmoss, mahogany, and champaca.

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    Black Haüs Perfume Oil

    Shades drift through a crumbling manor. Fragrant winds chill the lifeless rooms. A skittering in the darkness.

    Overgrown ivy creeping through a neglected lavender patch, a whiff of long-forgotten cologne, indigo oudh, mahogany, and teakwood, ti leaf, ectoplasmic musk, and aged leather.

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  • Bookcase Passage Perfume Oil

    A shelf of ancient tomes silently glides aside to reveal a narrow corridor, shadowed and draped thickly with cobwebs.

    Polished oak and mahogany, crumbling pages and cracked leather, all thick with dust and strewn with sandalwood cobwebs.

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  • Decorative image for Cacao, Tobacco Leaf, Hay Absolute, and Mahogany, text against a background of cocoa beans

    Cacao, Tobacco Leaf, Hay Absolute, and Mahogany Perfume Oil

    Cacao, Tobacco Leaf, Hay Absolute, and Mahogany.

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    Crowley Perfume Oil

    Nothing about him looked particularly demonic, at least by classical standards. No horns, no wings. Admittedly he was listening to a Best of Queen tape, but no conclusions should be drawn from this because all tapes left in a car for more than a fortnights metamorphose into Best of Queen albums. No particularly demonic thoughts were going through his head. In fact, he was wondering vaguely who Moey and Chandon were.

    Crowley had dark hair, and good cheekbones, and he was wearing snakeskin shoes, or at least presumably he was wearing shoes, and he could do really weird things with his tongue. And, whenever he forgot himself, he had a tendency to hiss.

    Infernal musk, red patchouli, lilac cologne, mahogany, lemon rind, oakmoss, leather, and vanilla husk.

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    Dionysia Perfume Oil

    Wild plum, pomegranate, raspberry, Siamese benzoin, plum blossom, patchouli, frankincense, and mahogany.

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  • Ecstatic Dancing Penises Perfume Oil

    Balsam, sweet benzoin, mahogany, tomato leaf, 3-year aged patchouli, and cardamom.

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    Gordian Hairmop Perfume Oil

    Brian: “It’s something we always do when we’re on a trip, ever since she was really little. She complains constantly about how Beth brushes her hair, and I honestly enjoy the challenge of brushing her mop. It’s like that knot Alexander had to undo, except on my niece’s head, and I don’t have the option to cut it. Plus, her hair looks really nice when it’s done right.”

    Lilith: “Every time we’re on a trip together, Unkie brushes my hair for me. I hate brushing my hair. Also cuz mom says I don’t do it thoroughly and I miss parts in the middle. I think there are pictures of him brushing my hair in every city we’ve ever been together. He brushes my hair way better than mom does.”

    A warm scent, mahogany-dark: spiced teakwood, coffee bean, bourbon vetiver, styrax, tobacco, and oakmoss.

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    Lacquered Vulva Hair Gloss

    Mahogany polished with burgundy musk, rosewood, jasmine absolute, and Spanish moss.

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  • Mata Hari Perfume Oil

    A renowned exotic dancer and courtesan, possessed of aristocratic elegance, matchless charm, an iron will and a streak of fearlessness. The actual events of her life have met with much speculation, and to this day it is unclear whether or not she was truly a German spy. Despite shaky evidence of her guilt, she was tried for espionage by a closed court-martial and was executed by a French firing squad in 1917.

    Her scent is striking and bold with a delicate yet dark undertone: five roses with soft jasmine, warmed by vanilla, fig, tonka bean and mahogany, spiced with a drop of coffee bean

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    Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements Perfume Oil

    Polished tortoiseshell, ivory, and mahogany gleaming with amber cream.

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  • Label image for Phallus Devotion featuring Edo-era Shunga art

    Phallus Devotion Perfume Oil

    Rosewood, agarwood, rooty patchouli, spicy mahogany, nutmeg, and saffron.

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  • Poltergeist Perfume Oil

    The term “Poltergeist” is translated Hobgoblin in our German dictionaries, but that is not the equivalent, nor have we any English equivalent to the German word. It is derived from polter, a rumbling noise, or poltern, to make a row, to rattle; a polterer is a boisterous fellow, a poltergeist therefore a boisterous ghost. It is a convenient term to describe those apparently meaningless noises, disturbances and movements of objects, for which we can discover no assignable cause. The phenomena are especially sporadic, breaking out suddenly and unexpectedly, and disappearing as suddenly after a few days, or weeks, or months of annoyance to those concerned. They differ from hauntings, inasmuch as they appear to be attached to an individual, usually a young person, more than to a place, or rather to a person in a particular place. Moreover, ghostly forms (except, if we may trust one or two witnesses, a hand and arm) are not seen. They appear to have some intelligence behind them, for they frequently respond to requests made for a given number of raps; the intelligence is therefore in some way related to our intelligence, and moreover is occasionally in telepathic rapport with our minds. For in one case, which I submitted to a long and searching enquiry, I found that when I mentally asked for a given number of raps, no word being spoken, the response was given promptly and correctly, and this four times in succession, a different number being silently asked for in each case. There are other characteristics which bring the subject of poltergeists into close connection with the physical phenomena of spiritualism. The movement of objects is usually quite unlike that due to gravitational or other attraction. They slide about, rise in the air, move in eccentric paths, sometimes in a leisurely manner, often turn round in their career, and usually descend quietly without hurting the observers. At other times an immense weight is lifted, often in daylight, no one being near, crockery is thrown about and broken, bedclothes are dragged off, the occupants sometimes lifted gently to the ground, and the bedstead tilted up or dragged about the room. The phenomena occur both in broad daylight and at night. Sometimes bells are continuously rung, even if all the bell wires are removed. Stones are frequently thrown, but no one is hurt; I myself have seen a large pebble drop apparently from space in a room where the only culprit could have been myself, and certainly I did not throw it. Loud scratchings on the bedclothes, walls and furniture are a frequent characteristic; sometimes a sound like whispering or panting is heard, and footsteps are often heard without any visible cause. More frequently than otherwise the disturbances are associated with the presence of children or young people, and cease when they are taken from the place where the disturbance originated, only to be renewed on their return, and then abruptly the annoyance ends.

    – Poltergeists Old and New, Professor W.F. Barrett

    A boisterous scent – scratching, clanging, banging, pounding, crashing: cacao-stained mahogany, blackcurrant and tobacco, cranberry and peppercorn, bubbles of champagne grape and cognac.

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    Red Queen Perfume Oil

    Deep mahogany and rich, velvety woods lacquered with sweet, black-red cherries and currant.

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  • Rest and Play Perfume Oil

    Arthur Batt

    Fireplace cinders, mahogany, and hearth-warmed fur.

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  • Stung By the Cock Tree in Hell Perfume Oil

    Hinoki wood, dark green moss, ti leaf, patchouli, mushroom, red oud, mahogany, spiky red pepper, and tobacco leaf.

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    The Empty House Perfume Oil

    See this house, how dark it is
    Beneath its vast-boughed trees!
    Not one trembling leaflet cries
    To that Watcher in the skies-
    ‘Remove, remove thy searching gaze,
    Innocent of heaven’s ways,
    Brood not, Moon, so wildly bright,
    On secrets hidden from sight.’

    ‘Secrets,’ sighs the night-wind,
    ‘Vacancy is all I find;
    Every keyhole I have made
    Wails a summons, faint and sad,
    No voice ever answers me,
    Only vacancy.’
    ‘Once, once …’ the cricket shrills,
    And far and near the quiet fills
    With its tiny voice, and then
    Hush falls again.

    Mute shadows creeping slow
    Mark how the hours go.
    Every stone is mouldering slow.
    And the least winds that blow
    Some minutest atom shake,
    Some fretting ruin make
    In roof and walls. How black it is
    Beneath these thick boughed trees!

    – Walter De La Mare

    Black oud, woodsmoke, mahogany, pine pitch, and blackened pumpkin.

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    The Fox Sisters Perfume Oil

    For the sake of continuity the subsequent history of the Fox sisters will now be given after the events at Hydesville. It is a remarkable, and to Spiritualists a painful, story, but it bears its own lesson and should be faithfully recorded. When men have an honest and whole-hearted aspiration for truth there is no development which can ever leave them abashed or find no place in their scheme.

    For some years the two younger sisters, Kate and Margaret, gave séances at New York and other places, successfully meeting every test which was applied to them. Horace Greeley, afterwards a candidate for the United States presidency, was, as already shown, deeply interested in them and convinced of their entire honesty. He is said to have furnished the funds by which the younger girl completed her very imperfect education.

    During these years of public mediumship, when the girls were all the rage among those who had no conception of the religious significance of this new revelation, and who concerned themselves with it purely in the hope of worldly advantage, the sisters exposed themselves to the enervating influences of promiscuous séances in a way which no earnest Spiritualist could justify. The dangers of such practices were not then so clearly realized as now, nor had it occurred to people that it is unlikely that high spirits would descend to earth in order to advise as to the state of railway stocks or the issue of love affairs. The ignorance was universal, and there was no wise mentor at the elbow of these poor pioneers to point the higher and the safer path. Worst of all, their jaded energies were renewed by the offer of wine at a time when one at least of them was hardly more than a child. It is said that there was some family predisposition towards alcoholism, but even without such a taint their whole procedure and mode of life were rash to the last degree. Against their moral character there has never been a breath of suspicion, but they had taken a road which leads to degeneration of mind and character, though it was many years before the more serious effects were manifest.

    Some idea of the pressure upon the Fox girls at this time may be gathered from Mrs. Hardinge Britten's* description from her own observation. She talks of “pausing on the first floor to hear poor patient Kate Fox, in the midst of a captious, grumbling crowd of investigators, repeating hour after hour the letters of the alphabet, while the no less poor, patient spirits rapped out names, ages and dates to suit all comers.” Can one wonder that the girls, with vitality sapped, the beautiful, watchful influence of the mother removed, and harassed by enemies, succumbed to a gradually increasing temptation in the direction of stimulants?

    —Arthur Conan Doyle

    Deception and despair: rose geranium and tea roses with mahogany wood, bourbon vanilla, and apple peel.

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    Two Westerners Perfume Oil

    Salt-crusted mahogany, crimson musk, sea moss, bourbon vanilla, parchment, beeswax, tonka bean, and leather.

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  • Vanitas painting of a skull with playing cards, a helmet, a book, and a musical instrument

    Vanitas With Playing Cards Perfume Oil

    Johannes Fris
    Blood red musk with lacquered vetiver, mahogany, and black labdanum.

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    Wax Cylinders Perfume Oil

    He stood up and opened a large drawer, in which were arranged in order a number of hollow cylinders of metal covered with dark wax, and said:-

    “You are quite right. I did not trust you because I did not know you. But I know you now; and let me say that I should have known you long ago. I know that Lucy told you of me; she told me of you too. May I make the only atonement in my power? Take the cylinders and hear them-the first half-dozen of them are personal to me, and they will not horrify you; then you will know me better. Dinner will by then be ready. In the meantime I shall read over some of these documents, and shall be better able to understand certain things.” He carried the phonograph himself up to my sitting-room and adjusted it for me. Now I shall learn something pleasant, I am sure; for it will tell me the other side of a true love episode of which I know one side already….

    Polished mahogany, soft leather, and gold-molded wax.

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