Jezebel Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Jezebel Perfume Oil


Biblical witch, priestess of Astarte, and general troublemaker. A true role model for today’s upwardly mobile Modern Woman. A gloriously decadent blend of honey, roses, orange blossom and sandalwood.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Marina Hazeltree

    I mostly get honey and roses in the bottle and on the skin. That combination is beautiful, however! Honey doesn’t always work on my skin, but I wear this anyway because it’s amazing! It has a sort of “vintage” quality to it as well.

  2. caitlin8811

    I liked this. It was very Rose heavy on the front, making it start off almost too powdery for my taste, but it didn’t take terribly long for the orange blossom and honey to mingle in and make an overall pleasant scent. I wouldn’t buy a full size bottle but I can see myself using the rest of this imp for sure.

  3. lookingglass

    This scent is heartbreakingly beautiful. It reminds me of the Iron and Wine song of the same name. It’s delicate but delicious.

  4. hotaru1301

    age unknown, previously owned
    in the bottle: this is beautifully sweet. Since I opened the package there was a sweet scent mixing with camphor. This is the sweet scent, At first, I smell sweet oranges and then red rose. I can’t recognize the sandalwood here at all.

    wet on skin: I get a lot of honey and rose and orange blossom. There isn’t any bitterness other than the heavy rose. At first this one made me sneeze. This one smells like classic perfume, not an herbal blend. The scent is bold at first then mellows. It almost disappears in my nose.

    dry 30+ mins: Everything blends. The scent has re-appeared, but if I breathe it in enough it still disappears from my nose. All the scent mix together. This is sexy and smooth. If I close my eyes, I can smell sandalwood. This scent is everything I wanted Catherine to be.

    worn 3+ hours: Wow! This one has a lot of throw and staying power. It’s almost overpowering. The sandalwood is fading out and the honey and rose are coming back out. There is a very syrupy effect to the scent. This is very heady and sensual. To me, this is not an everyday scent. I would have to be in a sensual or seductive mood to where this scent with confidence.

    My friend sniffed my wrist and got a clean baby power scent. I was still smelling roses.

  5. Elizabeth

    I normally loathe baby powder/oil scents, but this was a much more grown up version of it. While I’m not inspired to get a big bottle I’m keeping the imp for when I want to feel sassy but need s lighter scent.

  6. janiegalvin

    Such a lovely, light and feminine scent! The rose came through most strongly for me, while the sandalwood and orange blossom were almost undetectable except as rounding notes, one warm and one bright, making the rose smell fuller. I only give it a 4 because it’s another scent that requires putting your nose right up to it in order to smell it. Nice and subtle for a work environment, though.

  7. Qooqie

    When I originally put this on I was a little disappointed. It smelled like honey and flowers, but with an odd after smell I can’t put my finger on. Kind of like baby powder. But after it dried the honey took over, and the floral now overpowers the baby powder. Very feminine and light.

  8. Sara

    orange blossom is one of the few citrusy notes that doesn’t amp all crazy on me. it’s really sweet here, reminding me of those jelly orange slices covered in sugar. it’s evenly balanced with the rose. i’m not sure what type of rose this is, but it’s really the perfect rose note, as far as i’m concerned, deeply floral and just a little powdery. and then the honey adds a layer of golden sweetness over everything. i’m not noticing the sandalwood at all. it’s taken me a long time to get around to trying this scent, and i’m glad i finally did. it’s soft and glowing and feminine, not too heavy, perfect for spring or summer.

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