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Satyr Perfume Oil


Unleash the bawdy, unrestrained passion of the satyr! A ferociously masculine scent: sexual, vigorous, and truly wild.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. azaenir

    Satyr is one of my favorite “guy” oils. The musk has this extra kick that keeps it from just being musk and nothing else. I want good “guy” smells to wear but the musk ones feel a little samey after a while. This one really manages to stand out.

  2. mvsclwvlffboi

    It’s a very spicy and musky scent. Kind of vanilla and cinnamon, with a smoke undertone. It lasts on my skin for a really long time. Awesome for a sweaty night out.

  3. sjladuca

    This is by far my favorite BPAL scent. At first, I didn’t think it lived up to the description as “ferociously masculine” but actually, it really is in an elegant sort of way. Great for summer. It lasts a long time and there’s nothing else like it. Spicy, a little bit sweet, the scent of incense and spice. Kind of like a magic shop might smell.

  4. mtchyg

    A delightful earthy and spicy scent. Reminiscent of books and incense with a hint of something sweet.

  5. John

    Stong and spicy, I get notes of myrth and benazoin along with citrus and bitter clove.

  6. Brandon

    I don’t typically like very masculine fragrances, but this has just enough hint of sweetness to make me love it. It’s very strong and distinctly masculine at first, with earthy, spicy tones. After a couple of hours, though, it tones down to a sweet, almost bourbon-like finish. It’s sort of like having really passionate, raucous sex, and then cuddling afterwards.

    It has a great throw, and a nice longevity. I’d say it usually lasts about 6-8 hours on me.

  7. littlejackal

    I was surprised to discover that this scent shares a note or two with my favorite scent, Chaotic! On my boyfriend it’s super spicy, with a slight floral sweetness. Very intoxicating.

  8. mtchyg

    I really enjoy this. I received my first imp order yesterday. This is the first I’m wearing and it smells like a warm, woody incense. I keep smelling my wrists. Very alluring.

  9. Faith

    On me it smells solely of root beer?

  10. satanas1

    I apsolutly love it,its got a sweet smokiness to it along with a spicy aroma.

  11. Cullain313

    This is one of my favorite scents. Several times now I’ve gone out wearing it, and every time a different woman has remarked, otu of the blue, that I smell amazing.

  12. Chelsea

    This scent packs a punch. Very strong, but I like it. Was the second scent I chose to try for my boyfriend (the other being Loup Garou). I tried it on myself and it smelled like a church and magic shop all in one, very incense heavy scent Which I love, reminds me of a more manly version of my magic shop. Can’t wait to try it on him.

  13. Katherine

    This scent has been my favorite since the beginning. I have gotten more compliments on it, but my favorite part is the slight confusion on people’s faces when they try to wrap their minds around such a sexy, earthy, fiery, deep, rich, masculine scent being worn by a woman. I wear it just behind my ears and my man cannot keep his face away from the curve of my jaw. He tries to get it on his face so he can continue to breathe it in even when I’m gone…

  14. VetchVespers

    This is one of my top 5 BPAL scents. Warm, spicy, comforting, sensual, and yes, it does smell like Snake Oil, but lacks the vanilla sweetness.

    I just want to say, though this does smell wonderful on my hubby, don’t let the boys have Satyr all to themselves. If you are a woman who can wear powerful, resinous blends, I would definitely check this out. My man preferred this on me to many of my more “girly” blends.

  15. Sarah

    By far, my favorite masculine bpal scent. I find it nearly impossible to keep my hands off my boyfriend after he’s applied Satyr. It’s very spicy and sexy.

  16. J

    In the bottle it is raw smelling, earthy. On my love though it gets spicy. Still dark and earthy but also with hints of spice and warmth all and all its amazing

  17. [email protected]

    This is indeed the male version of Snake Oil – sinfully wicked

  18. Abigail

    It’s a warm floral scent (opium?) with incense and a subtle musk aroma. Very classy and unique. I like it!

  19. carlos

    A Hedonistic and Carnal voyage after smoking an Opium pipe. Languorous, Lurid, Raw, Uncensored. Oh wait!!! I’m having flashbacks!

  20. Velvet Lilly

    Sexy, sensual, masculine and gorgeous. This is all brawny man with a graceful, refined edge that drips with sexy. This is like the masculine version of Snake Oil….which is all kinds of fabulous. Rawwrr.

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