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Imp Perfume Oil


Devilishly playful: white peach, amber, golden musk and patchouli.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. gfeltovich

    Started out a very green peachy scent– crisp, like fresh peach skin. On the dry down, the juicy sweetness of the peach comes out a little more, along with the amber, musk, and patchouli as a steady backdrop for the peach to play on. Really lovely! I guess I’ll have to check out other peach scents from BPAL, because I definitely like their peach accord.

  2. mjanefh

    I thought I would not like this one because of the patchouli in it. I was so wrong! This is a pleasant blend of fruit, musk and more of a resin smell than out and out patchouli. I only have an imp of Imp. I may need to order a bottle!

  3. hlinspjalda

    This is my go-to fruity patchouli scent. I love everything about it and feel fortunate that there’s such a great peach-patchouli scent in the General Catalogue.

  4. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Mostly peach, amber, musk, and then the patchouli note.

    Wet: The white peach note is the most prominent at first. I recognize this peach note from the Trading Post’s White Peach and Incense hair gloss. I can smell all of the notes, but the musk and patchouli notes are getting stronger the more this sits on my skin. As the scent begins to dry down, it is becoming darker (and less sweet) as the amber and patchouli become more prominent.

    Dry: The patchouli is the dominant note in this stage. The amber note adds more depth, and the peach and musk aren’t nearly as strong as they were before.

    Verdict: I’m going to be passing on my imp. The peach and musk combo is too sweet for me, and while I have grown to like patchouli in a few scents (like Banshee Beat/Revenant Rhythm and Vixen), I’m not particularly fond of the type in this blend. It is very strong on me, and I had to try scrubbing it off several times before the scent finally went away.

  5. Velvet Lilly

    I love Imp.
    Once I discovered this scent, it became my go-to, everyday, everything scent.
    It’s a perfect, playful combination of peaches and amber and musk with that patchouli playing around the amber.
    Even thought it’s peaches, it’s not a juvenile scent at all, imo. The amber and musk make it more knowing…. a bit playfully sly. And keeping that sense of fun, I think it helps make me more productive. It certainly makes my day brighter.

  6. Minh Sen

    the top note was way too strongbut then it’s settled into the beautiful phase of patachouli and musk..I guess that is the peach that bit me….like an imp!

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