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Fenris Wolf Perfume Oil


The raw, untamable power of chaos. Rosewood, amber, red musk and a dribble of red sandalwood.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Belladonna

    The name is accurate. This is definitely a “wolf” scent.

    Immediately out of the bottle, it is sharp and crisp. It brings to mind the image of racing through a cold forest at night. To me, I can imagine this scent on a werewolf while he was in human form. It has thrilling, masculine flavor. However, after about an hour on my skin the smell changed into something more pungent and chemical. This inbetween scent is enough to make me reconsider purchasing Fenris Wolf again, but it might be different on your skin.

    After about 3 hours I finally get that wonderful amber-musk scent the other reviews experienced. I find it warm and comforting. To continue our wolf metaphor, this final scent is like the end of the novel White Fang where the title half-wolf gets to rest by the fireplace in his new home away from the wilderness

    Overall, I think this is a wonderful scent that has lasting power and good throw. The multiple layers keep it interesting. I would consider this an androgynous/unisex/leaning masculine scent. Definitely recommended!

  2. aidansusurrus

    Got this as an imp and set it aside after not liking it in the bottle. Big mistake! Now that I’ve tried it I can’t stop wearing it. It’s subtle and earthy and warm. The amber and sandalwood make it almost smokey. But a sweet smoke, like burning sugar maple or apple wood. I’d also consider this pretty unisex, it seems to have a near universal appeal. Out of all my BPAL scents this is the one I receive the most compliments on. It’s got a good throw on me but unfortunately it only seems to last about 3 hours, meaning I have to reapply a couple times a day. The scent itself more than makes up for it, definitely a strong contender for my favorite BPAL scent!

  3. shpnjm

    Big fan of this–has a nice bite early on and then mellows out to be relatively quite sweet after a while. Glad I got the big size! It’s very suitable as an everyday scent.

  4. ranepage11

    Strong, warm, smells earthy, & herbal. Scent reminds me of freshly moist forest soil. Mossy, musky, woodsy, slight brightness of the rosewood compliments it all. Simple, yet commanding of attention.

  5. teagrrs

    A bit bitey and strong (more musk) when first applied, but calms down into woodsy like softer sandalwood for the majority of the day. I love this, wish I could just wrap myself in it.

  6. littlejackal

    I bought this for my boyfriend, and WOW. This fragrance perfectly embodies cold, crisp night air, centuries old trees, and fresh soil. Absolutely beautiful. All the beauty of the forest without the obnoxious Christmas tree aroma that overpowers most common men’s cologne.

  7. 24instigation

    I can’t put into words how sensual and amazing this scent is. I wear it all the time as my signature scent( I switch up other BPAL scents once in a while) and get so many compliments from both men and women. It seems to appeal to both and I think it also works great as a unisex scent. I have tried many BPAL scents and although I always really like them, Fenris Wolf is still my favorite.

  8. Jennifer

    I ordered a ton of imps ears and so far this is my favorite scent of all time! I put it on and couldn’t stop s,Ellington myself to the point that where I wound up painting it across my upper lip. It smells like I’m doing deep magic in the woods by a campfire with heat and passion in the smokey autumn air. I feel imbued with carnal energy. I had to douse myself in it, a little bit just wasn’t enough. If you’re looking for a good woodsy scent full of absolute witchiness then this is for you.

  9. Witold

    By my wife:
    What a pleasant aroma! For me it’s comforting, beautiful scent. I enjoy smelling it around me during the day. Sweet, woody notes make it really attractive and lovely. On the other hand red musk and red sandalwood bring some wildness to it, which makes this scent great both for women and men. On me all notes blend perfectly together and stay on skin all day. Also it has good throw, which is an additional plus.

  10. lonewolfnyc

    The musk and sandalwood jumped out at me, and my first thought was “nag champa”. I found it a bit heavy. With time, it grew on me… has a autumn-like, magical feeling fitting for a wolf. A little goes a long way.

  11. Gloame

    Smells red and woody! A little too spicy for my skin, but I love it on others. It doesn’t have any sweetness, so the wood and musk are the most dominant scents.

    Unisex, wood, heat, dry.

  12. xaglow

    The woods are strong with this one when it is wet. As it dries the amber and musk keep this nice and warm. I agree that it is a slightly unisex scent, but if you’re not a fan of your woods or musk this might not be for you.

  13. Valran

    For something that is described as the untamable power of chaos, I’m very disappointed to open up the imp ear and find a puppy. This scent is weak. That is the best way to describe it really. I expected something strong and powerful, something that would leave a mark, but instead I got something a bit generic and unassuming. If you wanted something subtle though, this would be a fantastic scent to get. I just wanted something that didn’t make me smell like I took a brief stroll through a scented candle shop.

  14. [email protected]

    I found this to be a very unisex scent, with sweet and resinous notes with a little bit of something ominous. It reminded me of a sleeping Fenris, bathed in the light of a sunbeam, warm fuzzy and inviting – except for the destructive malice that lies underneath. For all its sweetness, there is a note in the mix that grants this impression, and makes one a little edgy. A very good scent for days to take no prisoners.

  15. Courtney

    I just got my 1/32 oz imp and I really like the scent. It smells so lovely and I have to agree with the review above me. The scent works for both genders and I am going to get a bigger size as soon as I finish the 1/32 oz. For anyone who isn’t sure about getting it I recommend getting the small vial and giving it a try. Out of the other three scents that I got I think this one is my favorite 🙂

  16. Lycanthrope

    This is the best ever. I’m a guy who has been steeping in BPAL since about 2005, and this was one of my first full bottles. I personally love woodsy red musk scents, and Fenris Wolf has all the best aspects of a unisex (somewhat masculine, but furry and purring like a sports car) scent. For me, the red musk is dominant but the sandalwood gives it a warm, thrummy and strong base. The rosewood is not super prominent but it does add a flash of fang and is not supremely floral for those worried about rose itself. The scent dries down to a very nice, balanced and stable amber-musk, on the sweet side, with little furry corners of sandalwood. I think it’s glorious. A little goes a long way. Woof, indeed!

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