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Marie Perfume Oil


A blend of sinuous violet and elegant tea rose: the chosen scent of France’s Demigoddess of Debauch: Marie Antoinette.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Claire

    This has become an instant favorite for me. It’s exactly what I was hoping for: a balance between violet and rose. Unlike a lot of violet scents, this one doesn’t become all that powdery, which I didn’t expect and between the two notes I’d say the rose stands out a little more. There’s something familiar and nostalgic about it.

    Scent-wise it’s somewhat reminiscent to The Dormouse, but not quite as sharp.

  2. Tiffany

    Marie is my favorite from BPAL that I have tried. On my skin the violet really comes out, I don’t personally smell much rose until the scent has dried down and settled over a few hours. I love that it retains a fresh violet scent, almost creamy, but still clean without turning too powdery. So beautiful and long lasting, it will be my new signature.

  3. Anna

    This is lovely violet which lasts for hours. It was a FB blind buy as I was looking for a violet fragrance. Alas, I don’t get any rose out of this which I was looking forward to, but it’s still quite beautiful. This is a fragrance to wear for pure innocence and delight with the world. No troubles can come out of this bottle. A word of warning to those who dislike powder, violet is one of those florals which drys into powder; however, it’s quite luxurious and not a baby powder type.

  4. xaglow

    This is a wonderful rose perfume! It is neither cloying or powdery! There is a sweetness about it that keeps it cool both wet and as it dries. I can’t get enough of this one!

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