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Nosferatu Perfume Oil


We’ve finally caved in to years of requests for vampiric scents.

As soft as grave dust and as dry as a breath drawn within a long forgotten crypt, this is Nosferatu: desiccated herbs and gritty earth brought to life with a swell of robust and sanguineous red wines.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Lunashayde

    Wet and first on the skin it really smells like dirt or like a greenhouse smells and red wine. Later it tones down to a soft wine scent with a hint of something dark, floral and slightly metallic. It’s just so different, i honestly don’t know how to feel. Seriously, it’s like walking in a greenhouse in the middle of spring while sipping wine. No vamps here, only slightly dying roses and a nice burgundy.

  2. moriarty111000

    Wine. Dirt. Blood. In the bottle I was told it smelled weird and off-putting, while wet it was called downright evil and like something your body is telling you to avoid. I love it. It’s malevolently sweet, especially later on when the blood/wine notes mature, in such a way I didn’t know a smell could evoke. The same people later complimented it, after it had dried down some. I got it as an imp as part of my first BPAL order and promptly lost it, but that’s fine because I’m going to order a full size.

  3. Amanda Cook

    My first purchase from BPAL and I orders a bunch of imps including this one. This reminds me of a perfume I adore called “November” from CH I Hate Perfume. It’s damp earth, wet greens, one thing a bit metallic but instead of mushrooms and pumpkin like November, it’s got wine and sour cherries. I love this. I can’t stop smelling myself. It sticks around on me too and fades down to sour cherries and earth at the end. My new favorite.

  4. jaystrings6

    The very essence of the cavity where a vampire’s soul once thrived.
    A Ruby gem coated in cobweb,
    The auora of a crimson lit moon.
    This fragrance is perfect, and seems to grant a thirst only blood would quench.

  5. mtibay1993

    What an interesting scent. In the bottle/wet, it smells more like fresh and artificial grapes mixed together. When it dries down, it smells like rain on asphalt/concrete with some dried herbs and a tiny bit of sweetness from the wine notes. This is probably my second favorite scent, first up being Dorian (way different scent). So many layers of scents, I’m really curious to see how this ages over time. Definitely will buy another bottle or two.

  6. zgravesschool

    first and foremost this scent is strange in a neutral way. mostly in the sense of how…unexpected (?) it is. i agree completely with every claim that this is dark and earthy but theres a life to it. like wet decaying fleshy sprouts or ferns. i agree with the “beet juice” perception. the earth notes smell “alive/bright” which sounds odd for a dirt smell but its like a clay rich soil full of fleshy leafrot mixed with japanese plum wine anda faint whisper of perfume in an abandoned building you used to skip class and hang out in. mossy and fruity in a quiet way. this smell would lure you into the woods never to be seen again. wholly captivating in its demanding confusion, a pleasant nightmare i dont want to wake up from

  7. Gina

    Very evocative – if someone had given me an unlabeled bottle of this to try, I would still definitely pick out red wine and earth. Nosferatu is every bit the vampiric scent its creators wanted it to be.

  8. thecoffeeslayer

    In the vial/wet: burgundy wine & rose
    Dry down: The wine kind of fades to that scent of the wine glass after a red wine has been drank. Earth and something green- The rose is very faded in the background

  9. dthornhill11

    I am addicted to this scent. In the bottle it smells like sweet fermented wine, beet juice and deep juicy cherry. When I put it on I can really smell the fruitiness of the wine and another fresh indescribable scent that has me absolutely addicted to the point of sniffing my wrist all day. Its such a unique scent I have never smelled anything like it before. It’s definitely my top favorite of all time.

  10. littlejackal

    I absolutely adore this scent. It smells beautiful, alluring, and entirely sinister. There are many ways in which a dust-scented fragrance could have been entirely unappealing, but it hits the perfect balance of off-putting and attractive. It has the bright sweetness associated with a typical feminine perfume, with a sharp end note that is unmistakably the scent of a long-unopened chest, cabinet, or yes, coffin. It gives my vampire-themed looks that extra supernatural kick. I’d give this perfume ten stars if I could. Bravo!

  11. Jessica

    First BPAL I fell in love with. I wanted something that smelled of Stone cold Earth and this is it, along with a sweet, magnetic overtone. It’s my first full bottle purchase!

  12. clairemmills90

    I am a first time Bpal purchaser. I ordered Nosferatu and a few other imps. I chose this based solely on the name and curiosity. When I first opened it, I choked! I thought it was wretched: then I put a dab of it on… My husband walked in the room and literally attacked me. “You smell so alluring!” Such a strange smell, sickly sweet, yet one can’t get enough of it. I love it and wish I could get a full size!

  13. mariclare

    It took awhile for me to “get” this scent, but today I wore it after putting it away for some time and I really did enjoy it. I kept getting whiffs of it on myself throughout the day and I found it quite pleasant. I’m not sure where everyone is getting herbs and earth from; on me it smells like a mixture of sweat, smoke and sweet red wine. But in the best, weirdest way possible. I’ve never worn anything like it and it puzzles me. Why do I like it? I don’t know, but I do. I’ll be wearing it again.

  14. john

    In the bottle the red wine is very strong. On skin the red wine mellows out with the earthy scent and makes for a bold/distinct yet not overpowering smell.

  15. krisstarr01

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!. The Earthy scent is perfection! A true Vampy fragrance. Imagine yourself laying in a old wooden toe pincher coffin for a few 100 years and you wake every night for the thirst of blood with the scent of decaying wood, earth, and dried flowers and herbs buried with you.

  16. sorayagoesshopping

    I ordered 6 Imps from BPAL; I’m a first-time purchaser. The name/description is what intrigued me about Nosferatu more so than the ingredients mentioned. However, the positive reviews gave me the little push I needed to try it out.

    In the imp: Red wine all the way. But it wasn’t bitter or acrid. It was actually lovely and deep.

    Wet: Can’t think of a way to describe it other than the imagery they provide. My immediate thought is wet stone. It almost smells cold? In a good way. I was pleasantly surprised.

    Dry: Light, slightly dusty. A touch of sweet from the wine but not very much at all…Very pleasant. I see myself wearing this in the fall or a colder/rainy summer’s night.

    Conclusion: My favorite of all the Imps I got. I will probably buy a full-sized bottle once I go through all my Imps!!

  17. Toni

    In the bottle I smell sweet red wine, then dust, then damp stone. On my skin, when the oil is wet, the smell reminds me of the dampness and coolness of a cave. As it dries, the scent becomes softer and I can smell the herbs.

    I think this perfume is brilliant. It plays out like a dark, strange story. It does somehow feel dangerous or forbidden, but calm and deeply soothing at the same time.

  18. Velvet Lilly

    This is sexy, gorgeous, hedonistic, sanguinous perfection!

    I love rich earth smells, but have never chosen to wear them, but this….THIS…..the herbs mix slyly with the earth to make it alluring and the deep, sweet red wine beckons you in, to enthrall you. This is a mood scent as well as a place/ environment scent and it’s all kinds of deliciously dangerous. “Oooh I shouldn’t be doing this…..but I absolutely cannot stop doing this.”
    Yeah. It’s like that……
I. Can’t. Stop. Huffing. 

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