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Snooty Rose Perfume Oil


`It isn’t manners for us to begin, you know,’ said the Rose, `and I really was wondering when you’d speak! Said I to myself, “Her face has got some sense in it, thought it’s not a clever one!” Still, you’re the right colour, and that goes a long way.’ 

`I don’t care about the colour,’ the Tiger-lily remarked. `If only her petals curled up a little more, she’d be all right.’ 

Alice didn’t like being criticised, so she began asking questions. `Aren’t you sometimes frightened at being planted out here, with nobody to take care of you?’ 

`There’s the tree in the middle,’ said the Rose: `what else is it good for?’ 

`But what could it do, if any danger came?’ Alice asked.

Red rose, oud, plum, bergamot, and red sandalwood.

alice_artMad Tea Party
The Dodgson Collection.

Scents inspired by the madness of Alice’s sojourns to Wonderland.

The Garden of Live Flowers

This time she came upon a large flower-bed, with a border of daisies, and a willow-tree growing in the middle.

Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.



  1. pandosimms

    I love this scent. It evokes a feeling of confidence tempered by years of experience. This is not an ordinary rose scent – more of a subtle mixture of rose tamed by violets and a hint of mystery. Sexy, alluring and memorable. This is NOT your Granny’s perfume for sure….more like a whimsical Victorian blush.

  2. stephaniesherm2

    Snooty Rose is my favorite GC rose scent from BPAL, and I am a huge fangirl for Beth’s rose blends. Snooty Rose absolutely is a fancy, grown-up, sexy rose that knows it is fabulous, so the name and the description are spot on. I mainly get the rich, luxurious rose, the oud, and the plum coming through when I wear this, but the bergamot is there too. This is what I think of when I think “fancy rose perfume.” It doesn’t smell at all like an “old lady,” unless we are talking about a very refined, fabulous, dressed to the nines, wears designers you have never heard of, you-wouldn’t-believe-her-age-if-she-told-you lady who could ruin all of your social aspirations with just a look. If you are a rose lover or an oud lover, I highly recommend this oil.

  3. Jazmine

    If you’re looking for a good rose perfume, this is it! Very strong when first applied, and fairly strong throughout the day as well. I felt like a fancy Victorian lady in a rose garden while wearing it. It had a somewhat…waxy undertone to it that is not necessarily bad, it just almost smells like rose scented crayons. But, this could be due to body chemistry reacting with it. All in all, a great scent!

  4. Kathryn

    If you like rose, you will like this. Rose, flowers, and a hint of perky citrus. Sweet and lady-like without being boring or stodgy.

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