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The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.

Inspired by and created for my beloved Tedwin: my eternal, beautiful, wicked Dorian Gray. Refined, elegant, and lovely, with a noble bearing and seemingly gentle air. This blend is an artful deception: a sweet gilded blossom lying over a twisted and corrupted core. A Victorian fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

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  1. minikadomi

    Sweet vanilla lemon cakes served on a very old and luxurious porcelain platter. I wish this was a little less gourmand-y and less cute on my skin. But I still like it!

  2. marinafitzpatrick97

    I love this perfume. It is sweet vanilla-y, but also dark. The musk really balances it out. It is unilke anything I’ve smelled before, in the best way possible. My favorite I’ve tried on so far!

  3. smaalik511

    It’s absolutely intoxicating. I would say this scent is tied with Snake Oil for the most compliments I receive while wearing it. I used to love Hypnotic Poison by Dior and this reminds me a lot of it. Dorian is absolutely a staple in my rotation. It’s sexy, sweet, mysterious. Definitely a head turner.

  4. jacyqb-4935

    Please start making this again! I am so in love with it and how it smells on my skin. I’ve been on the waitlist for nearly a year, is this a discontinued scent now? I know times are tough, but I would buy SO MUCH of this. I’m sure others would, too. It’s just the most perfect of all the dozens of scents I’ve tried from BPAL. I can’t wait until it renews, or to drown my sorrows if it doesn’t. xo

  5. FinalMoondragon

    This is incredible. Dorian was a sample that arrived today with 2 others I purchased and I’m already obsessed with it. I haven’t even tried the other two yet. At first when I smelled it (before putting it on) it smelled oddly like the Renaissance Faire. Very… incense-like. Which was odd. Wasn’t sure what to think of it. But I put it on my wrists. Good heavens. It’s unbelievable. The scent. I can’t stop smelling it. It’s obsessive and intoxicating. Smells NOTHING like incense on my skin. (Thank God) I cant even describe it other than to say it’s such an arousing scent. It’s like… being curled up on an elegant couch in a dark library, with his arms around you, as he kisses your throat and slowly drives you mad. I’m absolute buying a full bottle of this. I can’t get enough of it.

  6. Lauren Messenger

    This is potent stuff on me, with tremendous staying power. The sugar scent predominates more than I would like–it turns a bit sickly on my skin, and can give me headaches–but I love the way this perfume reminds me of the scent of Earl Grey Creme tea, in the imp. It goes powdery on my skin, after a few hours of wear.

  7. Jessica

    I really love this scent, I just wish it lasted longer on me! Some people have a longer wear time but it seems to fade with my skin chemistry within a couple of hours to the point of being non-detectable.

    There is definitely something a little ‘foodie’ about Dorian without it being overwhelmingly sweet. To me it has a mixture of fresh, creamy aftershave with a hint of lemon and vanilla. It definitely has a cologne leaning but this really is a refined, old-school fragrance that’s absent the spices and ‘water’ scents that a lot of modern men’s fragrances have. It treads the line between masculine and feminine, which is exactly what you’d expect from a scent named after such an iconic and in its time ‘controversial’ literary character.

  8. jessica.kk.wen

    Ginger + lemon (though I definitely smell more ginger), but not too sharp. Warm, soft vanilla takes over–and yes, it lasts a good while 🙂

  9. mtibay1993

    The first bpal imp I was dead set on sampling. Has a very floral and crisp tea scent on me that lasts for hours. Then it transforms into a lighter, floral scent after a good hour at the gym, Interestingly enough, when the significant other wears it, the vanilla scent really comes through.

  10. Jae

    Cool, lemony and bright. Wears off quickly.

  11. JuniperGaze

    This is everything I expected.. a little lavender/herbal, a little lemon-slice-in-Earl-Grey, a little foody, too.

    It is lighter than it is heavy but has loads of presence. My co-worker, after smelling it on me from a desk away, asked what I had put on as he was rather than by it and said it smelled amazing and creamy. I cannot disagree.

    It is clean and aftershave-y without being boring. It is delectable without being overwhelming and tooth-ache inducing.

    A fine creation that is a stalwart representation of the BPAL It factor.

  12. chriskatonic

    This is one of my favorite scents. On me, the strongest note is lemon. This is not a very sour, citrusy lemon, but rather a mellow and sweet lemon. The musk adds a nice, sexy balance to the lemon. The overall scent is sweet, but not overly so. It is not foody, but is rather clean, refreshing, and delicious.

  13. April

    After initially finding this scent “only okay”, I picked it up again after a few months and oh my word. Dorian is a complex, melodious mix of vanilla and lemon-laced dark tea. I still find it a tad overwhelming when wet, but after drying on my skin it is DIVINE!

  14. juniper4264

    Very pretty scent. Smells like lemon and vanilla. No harsh undertones like with many fragrances out there.

  15. Taylor

    I don’t like vanilla normally, but the blend here is actually very nice. I wear this scent out to fancy dinners or when I dress-to-impress. It has a strong vanilla tone to it that seems to be encompassed by some kind of flowery scent. Not necessarily sweet, mind you. But very smooth and very sexy. It comes off as innocent smell until you get a good whiff, at which point you feel a very subtle bite beneath the vanilla that feels like danger and intrigue. Perfect scent for an immortal.

  16. artimisia

    This is a strong yet smoothe cologne. I agree with the consensus here about how the scent comes across, except for one detail. To my nose, this is undeniably a male fragrance. More of a “smooth, dapper gentleman” sort than a “sexy lumberjack” sort, but male nonetheless. It smells amazing, but if you’re female be careful unless you’re a fan of wearing bold scents. So that’s why I only gave it four stars, because of all the talk of it being unisex. A bit misleading…at least on me.

  17. Awen Fey

    Oh my Goddess!!! I adore this fragrance!!! Upon receiving it I was immediately gifted with the hint of a smile…and then it made me weep. I ordered this particular scent because my son, who died in 2011, was named Dorian…Dorian Ramman. Ramman is the Akkadian name for a Babylonian storm god, and also represents the constellation Aquarius – which is me, his Mum! This scent bears the same subtle blend of strength and sensitivity that my Dorian did. Do not be deceived by its apparent simplicity and lightness for somehow it harbors within it a wisp of clouded darkness, one which betrays its immortal core. For Dorian!!!

  18. lagrimadluna

    To be honest I never really liked the vanilla scent, but this perfume is something beying just vanilla.
    I bought it as a present for a friend but decided to keep it for myself.
    I love how the musks melt into each other giving you a smell of overly sugared tea but without it being too sweet. It dries very softly and aromatic, perfect for men and women.
    Definetly one of the best fragances!

  19. Hellokoi

    One of bpal’s best fragrances, and a must-try if you like vanillas. Cool, creamy, sugared vanilla tea. Very unique, but easy to wear.

  20. praetorius1980

    Delicious scent. I pick up mostly sugar and cream. It’s not overly sweet though. I cannot stop smelling my arm. I love putting this scent on.

  21. gogogodot

    This scent is very balanced with a clean, almost soapy top and a rich, sweet base. Lemon isn’t mentioned in the description, but I definitely smell it, especially wet. In the bottle, it kind of smells like a slightly floral gummy bear (I mean that in the best way possible!). After some time on the skin, it becomes more warm and complex, with the tea and vanilla really coming through. I could see a lot of people enjoying this scent, despite its very specific inspiration.

  22. Sarah

    Truly intoxicating. Deep vanilla is the best way I can describe it. I forgot to put it on one day, and I swear I kept getting phantom whiffs of it. If you are a vanilla lover, this one is sure to please.

  23. Samantha

    This is one of the best scents I have ever encountered. I get the richness of the vanilla with the crispness of tea and lemon with an underlying soft musk. This manages to be clean, sophisticated, and sensual all at once. I’m so happy I took a chance on a big bottle without buying an imp first. It will be the first of many.

  24. kitsch

    Dorian and Urd are the two BPAL scents that I start to feel panicky when the bottles near the 1/4 mark.

    Wet it smells like strong sugared lemon tea to me. Really bright and sweet. At around the 1hr mark the musky vanilla comes out. Obsessed.

  25. Ari

    Oh Dorian…let me count the ways that I love thee…From first sniff, I knew that I’d forever be hooked on this blend. Perfectly unisex. It smells like a cup of sugared black tea, with a musk like vanilla, and a tiny hit of lemon. I also get a hint of men’s aftershave (in a good way). Such a sexy fragrance. This will definitely be a permanent perfume oil in my collection, that I will repurchase again, and again.

  26. CJ22

    Dorian brought us the magic of poetry of its scent, powerfull and sweet at the same time. It’s the first time we discover your creations, for us, this adorable bottle containing such a scent, like the savageness of sweetness, like the malicious demon growing gently in a young soul, is a dream in such a mad world.

    Janus and Claudia

  27. karen

    This is the one that got me hooked on BPAL. It is sensuous yet light. The description is apt, and I find that it is long-lasting. LOVE THIS and am very glad to see it back in stock.

  28. xaglow

    The description of this scent is on point to how it smells both in bottle and drying on the skin.

    I love it. 🙂

  29. xaglow

    The description of this scent is on point to how it smells both in bottle and drying on the skin.

  30. luxdancer

    Wet – Right out of the imp, I caught the whiff of vanilla, musk, and bitter black tea, so the description was pretty much right on the money. There’s another something there, I don’t know how to describe it – caramelized sugar with spices?

    Dry – Pretty much the same, except it’s a very light scent and disappeared against my skin right away. I like it, but it doesn’t play well with my skin chemistry and just goes into stealth mode.

  31. CaptainClo

    My first ever BPAL review…wish me luck!!!

    In the bottle:
    Sugar-spun vanilla, slightly fairy floss-y/cotton candy-ish. It’s like walking into a circus tent and seeing two beautiful women in baby pink leotards – one with long blonde hair and the other with a dark black bob – performing aerial feats of grandeur on the tightrope.

    Putting it on, the lemon definitely stands out. I’m not the biggest fan of it in this state as the sourness of it puts me off. It is like a lemon covered in sugar, with a real bitter note.

    After 10 minutes:
    Here’s where the sugar-spun vanilla starts to come back to play. There’s still that bitter lemon undertone which I’m not the biggest fan of, but I’m waiting for that beautiful sugar to come back. This is where the scent begins to get more heady (I can now smell it without putting my nose to my wrist.)

    Half an Hour:
    The sweetness begins to float around my head like a heady, intoxicating spiderweb made of sugar. Musky vanilla also begins to comes into the scent. This is the moment I was waiting for! Now the Victorian element comes out as well. It’s like being in 1870, sitting down in an old mini-mansion for tea with an elderly billionairess and being donned in a long, lace and silk gown, all in black.

    1 Hour:
    Unfortunately even though the headiness of the perfume is quite lovely, to get the complete essence, I still have to stick my nose to my wrist. The scent is again like sitting in a beautifully cold stone mini-mansion, but now it is as if I have a wonderfully warm cup of milky English Breakfast tea, with a drop of lemon and about 6 teaspoons of brown sugar, with a side of Venetian biscuits.
    I’m not sure if Venetian biscuits are exclusively Australian, but just in case they are, the biscuits are “a sophisticated biscuit, with an interesting and delicate taste. Specially designed to melt in your mouth, the biscuit is rich in currants, giving it a fruity edge. The soft white icing has a delicious vanilla and coconut flavouring.”

    2 Hours:
    My favourite part. Imagine you’re in a Victorian-style room with deep, dark red furnishings. A pale man with dark hair and a musky essence stands next to you in a beautiful cashmere suit. He kisses and nuzzles your neck and whispers to you that the dark side can be very seductive. I can remember smelling Dorian at the 2 hour mark for the first time and thinking precisely this, and I didn’t even immediately make the connection that the man I was thinking of personified Dorian Gray almost exactly! I don’t know how it could personify Dorian Gray’s character so perfectly, but I am most definitely seduced by the gorgeous, gorgeous experience this perfume gives me!

    I give Dorian: 9 Haunted Portraits out of 10

  32. jessecake

    Dorian is one of those scents that gets better with age!
    When I do a side-by-side comparison of my six year old bottle with the new bottle, the aged one wins easily.

    In bottle – sweet lemon, gorgeous musk, and sugar.
    Dry – This smells amazing on me which is why it’s in my top five favorite Bpal scents.

    Verdict – I will always own a bottle of Dorian. Definitely a keeper for life.
    I love sweet and sugary scents, if you do, try this one! If you don’t instantly fall in love then try it again after a few months. It’s truly a beautiful scent.

  33. killersandliars

    I can’t believe there are only two other reviews for Dorian right now! Dorian is one of my all-time favorites from BPAL, and I know that many other people feel the same way. It is fresh without being over-full of white musk, like most commercial perfumes that are “fresh.” It has a sweetness to it, which keeps the citrus and the tea from getting too sharp or astringent. Dorian, even though it is not heavy, lasts very well on my skin as well, so it is a go-to when I don’t know what to wear. I think the scent also fits the namesake, as there’s a youthful beauty with a little something else going on there. I highly recommend Dorian to anyone who wants to acquaint themselves with BPAL!

  34. Greatwhitenowhere

    a great “starter” or cross-over (unisex!) scent if you’re new to perfume oils; Dorian has great balance with hints of lavender, citrus, vanilla and tea make for a complex yet pleasing scent.

  35. Nuri

    Dorian is well deserving of all of its praise. Its a classic fougere with a high tea note that balances and modernizes the scent. Great for men or women. I have the matching hair gloss and some times I just bath in it. Its a great starter to BPAL if you’re a noob and not sure where to start.

  36. xshear

    By far, my favorite. A delicate vanilla with a hint of a light tea that has been slightly sugared. Doesn’t get any better than this.

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